People Are Comparing Captain Babar Azam To Virat Kohli After His Fantastic Performance In First Test Against England, No Lie

By Noor | 6 Aug, 2020

Captain Babar Azam is a class apart

To minimize the impact of the ongoing pandemic on sports like cricket, the ICC recently decided to initiate a few series including the one between Pakistan and England. The first test match was played yesterday as England and Pakistan battled it out on the cricket field.


Although the match had to be stopped because of rain, the audience still noticed the perfect shots by Babar Azam and heaped praise on the cricketer

This was the first series for the new captain of the cricket team of T20s, in the post corona world.


Since then, Pakistanis have been obsessing over the perfect drives by the newly minted captain Babar Azam


Like ACTUALLY obsessing

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 They mentioned that there’s nothing more beautiful than captain Babar Azam displaying his cover drive


A few even went on to state that watching Babar Azam’s performance with your partner is indeed a date


They even came with a demand to include captain Babar Azam in the top fab four


There were some detailed comparisons between captain Babar Azam and Virat Kohli’s performance on the field

One of the cricket experts, former England cricket captain Nasser Hussain, stated that Babar is not getting the deserved appreciation and would have gotten more appreciation if Kohli would have been in his place. He further said, he deserves to be a part of fab four which now should be amended to fab five.


Fans stated that this performance by Babar was rightfully awaited by the audience


They kept on praising the beauty of the perfect shots played by him


He was given the title of the best batsman by a lot of people on social media


The hard work done by the cricketer was appreciated by many


Babar’s score remained to be the highlight of the day


And of course, the latest performance by captain Babar Azam bagged a large number of fans for him across the border, too

So, are you a Babar fan too and do you think he’s better than Kohli? Let us know about your favorite performance by the cricketer in the comments below.


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