Captain Babar Azam Just Told Shoaib Malik That Sarfaraz Ahmed's Wife Is His Favorite Bhabi And Other Bhabis Are Kinda Pissed

By Maryam Khalid | 24 Jun, 2020

Babar Azam shared his bhabi preference and pissed off others

Ever since social distancing has demanded that people remain indoors and away from physically being near each other many celebrities have taken to doing Instagram Live sessions with their fellow famous folks to keep us all entertained. Cricketer Shoaib Malik is one of them. He’s recently taken to Instagram to interview other famous people and his third episode guest was current captain of the cricket team Babar Azam.


So Shoaib Malik made sure Babar Azam was going to answer any and all kinds of questions in his interview

Calling Babar ”Bobby jee”, Shoaib made it clear that Babar will have to do ”bhangra” as punishment if he did not reply to a question. Shoaib explained that it doing pushups and crunches would be too easy a punishment for an athlete. So, Babar would have to dance in Punjabi style. OHO!

Babar Azam talked about his consistent efforts to improve his performance and his growth as a cricketer. Shoaib Malik added that Babar’s consistency is the reason that today he is compared to the world’s best batsmen. Babar was all praises for the senior players he played with like Sarfaraz and Shoaib Malik himself.

Source: @realshoaibmalik/ Instagram

Babar also expressed his thoughts about being the captain of white-ball cricket. He said there comes an added sense of responsibility as you have to make sure the entire team aces it.  He has learned a lot of things as the vice-captain of the team in the last three years. So, he is positive and hopeful.


Babar Azam was also asked when he’s bringing bhabi jee to break his bachelorhood

On asking Babar about his wedding plans, Shoaib asked ”Dil torrney ka kab irada hai?’. Babar replied that he has no plans till a year or so. ”Abhi dil jorr ker hi rakhny hein.”


The next segment was ”Never Have I Ever”, to which Shoaib made it into ”Kaddi nahi keeta.” Babar Azam was way too innocent to be real. He never got pissed when he wasn’t selected for the team and never got jealous of another player. When Shoaib asked if Babar has ever given his number to a girl he met once, Babar replied he waits for 5th or 6th mulaqat. 


Source: @realshoaibmalik/ Instagram


He was also asked ‘never have I ever seen Imam ul Haq’s Snapchat’. To which Shoaib himself replied that we’all have seen his Snapchat secretly. Babar also said that Imam was the player he had the most fights with, mainly on his long washroom and dressing room sessions. Also, when Shoaib asked ”girlfriends or Imam ul Haq?”, Babar replied Imam ul Haq. Dost tou dost hoty hein.


Source: @realshoaibmalik/ Instagram


And coming to the most talked about question of the segment, Babar Azam was asked who his favorite cricketer bhabi was

Shoaib Malik also mentioned that all the bhabis are watching this, so Babar needs to name one. Babar replied with Sarfaraz Ahmed’s wife.

And that triggered other bhabi jees (of course, playfully… we hope, lol). Azhar Ali’s wife commented in the live session that Babar’s not invited to their home anymore.

Source: @Danimirza747/ Twitter


Sania Mirza, Shoaib’s wife also threatened Babar that he’s not allowed to sleep on their couch anymore


Source: @Danimirza747/ Twitter
Source: @Danimirza747/ Twitter

In the end. Shoaib sent best wishes to Babar Azam on his England series. Sadly, only recently Babar has gotten a setback with 10 of his teammates having tested positive for COVID-19 before their England series.


You can watch the full interview here

We told you that this session really spilled some tea. So, how did you like this live chat? Share with us in the comments below.


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