Sarfaraz Ahmed Opened Up About How The Fan Who Trolled Him Affected Him And His Family

By Rameeza Ahmad | 28 Jun, 2019

Pakistan’s Captain, Sarfaraz Ahmed opened up about his unsettling fan experience.

A video of Sarfaraz Ahmed being harassed by a fan went viral. The video was made by a young man who thought it would be funny to pass disrespectful comments to Sarfaraz Ahmed in person. After the video was posted on social media, it gained momentum and contrary to what the young man might have believed; he came under the internet’s ire for his despicable behavior towards the Pakistani team captain.


Sports journalist Zainab Abbas sat down for a few minutes with the Pakistani team captain Sarfaraz Ahmed to talk about the trolling he received after the match with India

She asked him how it felt to have faced so much criticism from fans recently. He said it was tough for the team especially after the loss from India.

Source: ICC via YouTube


But after the team won from South Africa, the love they received from the team was all worth it

However Zainab Abbas pressed on and asked about the incident and inquired about how hurt Sarfaraz was afterwards and whether it lingered in his mind. He replied that it indeed it hurt but he had tried to deal with it there and then; he said he talked to his family who was there and they apologized on his behalf.

But what felt worse to Sarfaraz was that his son Abdullah had to bear witness to the ugly incident involving his father. And regarding whether he was angered by the situation; he said he of course was but didn’t want to react since he felt it could have turned ugly and would have made the public even more against him so he decided to keep quiet.


Even though his wife cried when she saw the video, he told her to buck up since he had heard a lot worse

Source: @AimyGhori via Twitter

And his silence paid off since everyone who saw the video sided with him and there was overwhelming support for him on social media. He thanked everyone who stood up for him and sent him sweet messages on social media.

He said that Pakistani cricket fans are what make or break the team; it was the fans who had taken them to heights they are at and thus the fans have every right to be mad at the team when they don’t perform well.

He ended with saying that he had seen the ‘sorry’ banners some fans had made in reference to the hate he had received and especially for the behavior of the fact who had made the video and he had really appreciated the gesture.


You can watch the full interview here:

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Cover Image Source: ICC via YouTube

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