Shoaib Akhtar Commenting On Sarfaraz Ahmed's Fitness Has Started A Heated Debate Online Regarding Body-Shaming

By Noor | 2 Jun, 2019

Recently, Shoaib Akhtar severely criticized Sarfaraz Ahmed for his unfit physique. Akhtar talked about the deteriorating fitness level of the captain and said that he’s the least fit captain in the history of Pakistani cricket. While describing Sarfaraz’s physical appearance, Shoaib said, “Itna barra pait hai uska aur itna barra moun hai uska.” Shoaib also mentioned that the current captain has serious issues while moving across the field.

Here’s the video:

Whatever qualms Shoaib Akhtar has about Sarfaraz’s role as a captain or his level of fitness, resorting to body-shaming is never an option. If you have an opinion, there’s always a way to say things. While the concern around fitness might be valid, it gets negated by the blatant body-shaming carried out by an otherwise well-respected cricketer. It is, by all means, disappointing.

People on Twitter pointed out the same, calling the remarks, “harsh.”

They also asserted that these remarks are “beyond pathetic.”

Some thought the message came at a time when the team needs positivity around them

However, a major faction of cricket fans disagreed with the people who associated the comments by Shoaib with body shaming

They explained their stance by asserting that professional players are required to be fit at all times. They also mentioned that the game is all about fitness, thus the criticism by Shoaib is justified.

They even mentioned that the players are paid for remaining in shape and for achieving the required level of fitness

On the other hand, a few dragged Inzamam-ul-Haq into the situation and said that he was more unfit than Sarfaraz

But again, people missed the point – Inzamam or Sarfaraz, you can’t go around body-shaming people

People did NOT forget to mention that Shoaib himself was extremely unfit in the last 4-5 years of his career


They went on to give examples from his career and stated that he has forgotten his physique as a cricketer.

A few highlighted that Shoaib’s fitness as a cricketer is NOT the point of discussion here. The main point is that the cricketers should consider their game as a profession and should work hard to be the best version of themselves.

The World Cup is a huge deal. If members of the team are unfit in any way, that must be dealt with. However, there surely must be better ways to go about it. At the end of the day, no one’s right here and these comments have just led to people accepting Sarfaraz’s body-shaming, but also dragging in others unnecessarily.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Let us know in the comments below.


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