Sarfaraz Ahmed Issued An Apology For His Racist Remarks But Fans Are Still Not Happy

By Sarmad Amer | 24 Jan, 2019

Sarfaraz Ahmed, the captain of our cricket team, recently got into a controversy for making racist comments against the South African player Andile Phehlukwayo. His comments came while he was playing the second ODI against South Africa and his racist comments got caught on camera, leading, initially to commentator speculation, and then massive public backlash.


After Sarfaraz’s remarks drew heavy criticism, he issued an apology last night


The apology seemed to have disappointed people because there is still no concrete action taken against the player by Pakistan Cricket Board

Critics think an action against Sarfaraz for such remarks should be taken in order to make it a teaching moment that such comments, views and ideology will not be tolerated in an ever-evolving world. These remarks may have been taken as a “joke” in the past but as people’s understanding of racial sensitivity and inclusivity increases, such remarks come off as extremely disgusting.


Fans are even questioning the personal character of Sarfaraz Ahmed following the distasteful remarks


Some Pakistani fans are particularly angry that Indian media has taken this moment to spew hatred against the Pakistani cricketer while ignoring that this insensitive behavior is common in players of both countries


Sarfaraz’s wife also put up a joke which trolls the cricketer but also diffuses the gravity of the racial remarks that were made


Such insensitive remarks being casually thrown in a country like Pakistan is pretty common. Many people are often ignorant to the fact that whoever these remarks are casually directed at can be affected by them for life. It may be easier for you to say “Joke tha yaar, dil pe mat le” but the long term affects of recurring remarks like these on people’s mental health can be grave. Keeping this in mind, it is important that an institutional action be taken against Sarfaraz Ahmed so PCB can make it a teaching moment for all their current, future players and the fandom at large that such negativity, even if made as off-the-cuff remarks, will not be tolerated.


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