People Are Calling For A Ban On Sarfaraz Ahmed After His Racist Comments During Yesterday's Match

By Rameeza Ahmad | 23 Jan, 2019

Sarfaraz ne dhoka de diya. 

Pakistanis are pretty racist. We thrive on whitening creams and calling others ‘dark’. And this is the reason that racism or racist comments in our part of the world are brushed off and ignored. So now that the captain of our cricket team, Sarfaraz Ahmed, has made a racist comment while representing the country on an international level, will it be brushed aside? Or will action finally be taken so that the impressionable youth and the older generation alike learn that racist comments in any capacity will not be accepted in 2019?


To recap what happened, though: in an unfortunate video that encapsulates an even more unfortunate incident, Sarfaraz is captured saying racist crap to another player of the opposing team. It seems as though he’s saying it in jest, but guess what? Racism isn’t funny.

Just the nature of the comment is disgusting in itself. However, the fact that Sarfaraz so openly uttered these words on an international platform is just downright shameful, not only for him, but for Pakistanis in general, because it shows us in a bad light.

As a consequence of this, fans of the sport have taken to social media to express their disgust and denounce their support for Sarfaraz.

People believe he should get charged for this

Some are even calling for a ban

The fact that Sarfaraz used this term in jest for a man who was simply doing his job was also highlighted.

Bhai, woh bhi khelne aye thay, out honay nahi aye thay.

For a nation that constantly complains of having a racist bias against us, we’re pretty racist ourselves, especially since some people did not understand why Sarfaraz’s comment was such a big deal.

Some people went so far as to defending Sarfaraz.

Shocking, since the context clearly shows that he meant it in a derogatory manner.

Some people believe he should be forgiven

Are we REALLY going to justify Sarfaraz’s disappointing comments by comparing them to the wrongdoings of other players, though?

However, a vast majority of the folks who saw this go down continue to call out Sarfaraz. And rightfully so.

Even Shoaib Akhtar weighed in on the situation

It’s evident, though, that Sarfaraz’s actions were wrong. Just because something is normalized in our society does not mean it’s acceptable as a whole. Perhaps, action needs to be taken against him so that an example can be set.

What action do you think should be taken against Sarfaraz Ahmed for his distasteful comments? Let us know in the comments below.


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