These Kickass Election Day Food Deals Will DEFINITELY Make You Want To Vote

By Bisma Rizwan | 24 Jul, 2018

With election season being in full swing and election day itself nearby, it’s no wonder everyone wants to be a part of the zeal. Including most of our beloved food brands!

Source: Osman Khalid Butt // YouTube

The election day food deals are in full swing. Pakistani brands are making sure that they encourage their customers to go and vote in whoever they believe is best. And honestly, we’re here for it.

Suggestions to combat Summer Vacations
Source: HUM Television Network


Here are the deals going around right now:



Source: Espresso // Facebook

Burger Lab

Source: Burger Lab // Facebook

Esquires Coffee 

Source: Esquires Coffee // Facebook


Source: Ambrosia // Facebook


Source: Rosati Bistro // Facebook


Source: Charcoal // Facebook


Nosh Bar and Grill

Source: Nosh Bar and Grill // Facebook


Source: KFC Pakistan // Facebook

Del Frio

Source: Del Frio/Facebook


Burger In Law


Chupa Rustom

Source: Chupa Rustom/Facebook


Heisen Burgers

Source: Heisen Burgers/Facebook


Pizza Crust

Source: Pizza Crust/Facebook



Source: Bumzee’s/Facebook



Are you tempted? Do these election day food deals entice you? Will you be availing these deals? Which one’s your favorite? Let us know!


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