People Are Praising Farhan Saeed For Calling Out Pakistani Celebrities Leaving For The Hum Awards Before Elections

By Iman Zia | 24 Jul, 2018

The 2018 Elections are in full swing, with a lingering tension you could cut with a knife in the air. Posters sway intermittently in the breeze, with looming grey clouds overhead. Wednesday marks what some are calling D-day, and the entire nation is ready to cast their vote. Various celebrities have declared who they’re going to be voting for, and have been urging all their fellow countrymen to come out and vote – Farhan Saeed has been very vocal, and in a recent tweet he asserted his opinion over those not casting his vote.


Farhan took to Twitter to call out various members from the industry who were ‘ traveling abroad at such a crucial time’

He expressed how it was ‘heart-breaking,’ and urged Pakistanis to not ‘take our country’s future for granted.’


While Farhan didn’t directly express what he was referring to, many agree that he is pointing out all the celebrities currently in Toronto, Canada for the Hum Awards on Saturday. Rehearsals are taking place a week before the event and a profound dollop of celebrities won’t be present on Wednesday to cast a vote.


Twitter users quickly picked up on the singer-turned-actor allegedly shading Pakistani celebrities currently in Toronto prepping for the Hum Awards


…Condemning them all for missing out on such an important event



Many lauded him for raising this point,



And agreed with his opinion








What do you think of Farhan’s tweet? Do you agree or disagree?


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