DHA Residents Allegedly Asking For “Removal Of Beggars” In Their Protest Demands Has Made People Angry

By Janita Tahir | 31 Aug, 2020

Recently, a document of protest demands made by DHA residents has been circulating around the internet making people extremely angry. Due to the recent rains that caused a massive electricity outage and left water standing on the roads for days, the people of Karachi have been frustrated, and rightfully so. It led to them coming out on the roads and demanding accountability from the cantonment board.

One of the demands asks for the removal of beggars from every street signal and Pakistanis have been quick to condemn what looks like elitism disguised as a legitimate concern.

People were quick to point out how this looks like elitism by DHA residents

Many pointed out that the removal of beggars seems like a demand that’s irrelevant to the issue at hand. By putting that in, it seems like the residents are acting in a superior manner and treating underprivileged people as a nuisance and showing disrespect.

They also called the demands out for being hypocritical

Some netizens were quick to call out these demands for the apparent hypocrisy. One of the clauses in the document emphasizes “All lives matter” but at the same time demanding to remove beggars from the street and potentially snatching their livelihoods goes directly against this sentiment.

Many questioned the authenticity of this document by DHA residents

Many people thought this document was a complete hoax and did not properly represent the residents of DHA. They claimed that whoever wrote this did not capture the right sentiments for the society as a whole for the demands felt pretentious and lacked consensus.

A growing resentment was also highlighted

One key issue that came under discussion after this incident was the growing disparity between the rich and poor. Pakistanis discussed how a lot of wealthy people view the underprivileged with contempt and how this mentality is spreading beyond DHA and prevalent in many other areas too.

Pakistan is made of its citizens, regardless of social status. In order for the country to thrive and be successful, it’s important for us to come together as a joint community and stop the bias against those who are less privileged than us. What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know.


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Cover image via @thelahorewala/Twitter and tribune.com.pk

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