We Spoke To Serena, A Tarot Card Reader And Palmist, And Her Readings Left Us Completely Shook

By Umme Hani | 30 Aug, 2020

Sajeer Shaikh from MangoBaaz hosted an interview with an acclaimed palmist cum tarot card reader. I just can’t seem to get over how she shook my stern convictions in the supernatural.


#WomanCrushWednesdays are all about digging through the lives of some amazing women to enthrall our curious audience. Dating back to the Wednesday that had fallen on August 12, we had with us Serena on the ‘hot’ seat (believe me, what she later told me set me on fire)!

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All eyes were riveted on Serena as she made an appearance. If I’m being honest, my belief in the supernatural has always been a bit too shaky. That is probably because I am more of the opinion that it’s better to let destiny play itself out. Anyway, the rich history of palmistry and tarot card reading spans over 600 years. I certainly never thought that somebody would read my card on Insta Live.

As the surprise was saved for the last, Serena initially opened up to Sajeer about her history with numerology. She was a mere teenager engrossed in the divine connection between numbers and coinciding events. To carve her passion for predictive arts, Serena later scoured the arenas of tarot card reading and palmistry.

But, but religion? Serena clarified that too

Oh, of course, the moral police were all set to chant slogans of “Khuda ka khauf karo.” Amidst all the halal/haram chaos, Serena put forth the best of her efforts to elucidate the scientific facet of tarot card reading, attempting to clear the air about the negative religious connotations ascribed to the practice.

Source: @mangobaaz / Instagram

Let’s get to it – THE READINGS! Best believe Serena left us SHOOK

OH EM GEE, I had been desperately waiting for this moment. Serena mentioned how she was always flooded with messages and calls from people wanting to inquire about the direction of their stars, and I could tell why. Oh, and there is one more thing that actually cracked me up. The moral police that went on the rampage in an attempt to wreck the interview, bashing the tarot card reader for her practice sent in their entries for the readings as well!

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Before Serena, I had only seen tantric on Indian television bullshitting their followers, especially women, into placing empty potli bags underneath their husbands’ pillows just to see them wake up next morning henpecked, or more popularly, patni ke prem ki girift mein. That’s utter bullshit, I know. I expected something similar, if not less, from Serena (yes, I did!).

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Well well, there is no denying the fact that practice of this caliber is a rarity, and is bound to spark curiosity even in those as stubborn as a mule. To cook up the magic, Serena only asked for three ingredients from her viewers, “Name, Date of Birth, and Relationship Status.” That is pretty much it! Within a span of seconds, the comments section lit up with people’s responses and myriads of requests for their readings.

Like hundreds of other bechain aatmas, I sent in my details too and secretly hoped that Sajeer will convey them to Serena. Before me, quite a lot of people had got their readings done about friends, relationships, dating, career, and money. My inner self was screaming at the top of her lungs, “MERA NUMBER KAB AYEGA?!” And then, number aa hi gaya!

Eee – My Reading!

As I desperately waited for my turn, I heard Sajeer share my details with Serena – “Umme Hani – 7th June ‘ 1998 – and she is SINGLE.” At that moment, I truly realized how it felt like to have your heart jump to the throat. As I watched the lady shuffle the deck, the tharki in me secretly prayed to God, Ya Allah ladka kara de, Ya Allah shaadi kara de.

And Serena finally drew my card!

I’d like to introduce myself a little before dropping the bomb on you. I am assuming that you see me as a girl who just can’t wait to get married (yeah, you’re right!). However, equally true is the fact that I can sacrifice marriage to become successful in my career.

She finally drew my card and I remember her exact words:

“Umme Hani, interestingly, I have a very good card for you, and that is, Wishes Fulfilled. Jo chaah rahi hain woh houraha hai! It looks like you will experience job promotion, and the next two months are very lucky for you.”

The tarot card reader got me on cloud nine! It was also earlier on the same day that Sajeer welcomed me to MangoBaaz, and this is my first article.

Truly, Serena is not your average tantric, not for me, at least. I do not mean to encourage you to have your palms or cards read, but I only intended to highlight the accuracy of my reading. I think she is a pretty cool tarot card reader. However, I obviously don’t know what the next two months hold for me. Completing this article hoping that her forecast of my future stays just as she described.

You can watch the whole session here:

Let us know what you think!


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Cover Image via: @mangobaaz / instagram and insider.com

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