Urwa Hocane Just Blamed People Of Karachi For The Mess After The Rain And Everyone's Like Umm, Babygirl No

By Maryam Khalid | 28 Aug, 2020

Urwa Hocane shared her thoughts on Karachi Rains but it backfired quickly

The monsoon season this year has proved extremely disastrous for Karachi. The continuous rainfall has turned roads into rivers. With water on roads, water entering homes, and water dripping from roofs, Karachiites are literally living a nightmare. What’s stinging the worst is the sheer inaction from the authorities and the shameless blame game.


The situation in Karachi has worsened with every rainy day and people are pissed at authorities for turning a blind eye to the situation

Homes, cars, and entire properties are destroyed. What Karachiites are experiencing is truly apocalyptic in some ways.


Even those in charge are posting tone-deaf messages for the public instead of showing actual concrete steps toward accepting responsibility

Nothing was unprecedented, Bilawal!


People have also noticed how the elites of city have also been completely cut off from the realities of the ordinary people by sharing how they’re enjoying the “beautiful Karachi weather”


One such person has turned out to be Urwa Hocane who had something to say on the Karachi rains

In her tweets, she asked the people to ”stop complaining” and fix their own issues. She continued to say that the Government isn’t responsible for everything. The public should do something themselves, instead of waiting around for things to happen.

Umm? Can not throwing garbage solve municipality issues in the infrastructure? Urwa, please explain.


People are questioning the sensibility of her advice


They are asking her to stop giving opinions when she can’t understand a certain situation


Given her past record with irresponsible statements, this wasn’t a surprise though


People are making her realize that the government IS responsible because that’s their literal job i.e. to create proper infrastructure


People are even asking what Urwa really wants people to do by gaslighting them


Some are imagining all the ways Urwa will be helping put her own advice to action

People in Karachi are experiencing some of the toughest times due to the constant negligence of the authorities. Urwa Hocane needed to be more empathetic to the plight of the citizens, instead of asking them to ”stop whining”. This is a classic case of gaslighting, making people think that the problem that they’re complaining about them is their own fault. Extremely privileged folks like Ura need to realize that ordinary people have already been through a lot and they don’t want such insensitive advice from someone who could actually have raised a voice with the right quarters i.e. the Government, to actually do their job.

We sincerely hope that all the Karachiites are safe. Team MangoBaaz sends our prayers to all the people suffering.



Cover image via @urwatistic via Instagram/ bignewsnetwork.com

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