15 Typical Desi Statements You Hear On A Pakistani Road That You Don't Hear Anywhere Else

By Sana Younas | 7 Apr, 2018

A pardesi definitely misses the soil of their own land when they move abroad. But more than that, they miss the culture. And sometimes, the culture consists of certain desi statements made on the streets that you don’t hear anywhere else. Here are a few typical sentences you miss when you are on foreign roads:

1. Gari chalani nahi aati to road pe aatey kyun ho?

Casual frustration. Lolz.

2. Baji aapka dupatta darwazy me aagiya hai.

Bajis and their dupattas. Never ending kahaani.

3. Ye to aaj ghar ki bijaye hospital hi pohnchay ga.

Because some people are just that rash.

15 desi statements you miss when you are on foreign roads
Source: Deenga.com

4. Gari kay neechy aa k marnay ka bohat shouk hai kia?

Reserved for that one individual who crosses your path at an inopportune moment.

5. Abey tery baap ki road hai kia?

Kyunke roads do not belong to people’s fathers.

6. Haram ka maal hoga, tab hi qadar nahi.

Thori jealousy, bohot saara tanz.

15 desi statements you miss when you are on foreign roads
Via tumblr.com

7. Yaar us lane me gari le ja, wahaan line choti hai.

Switching lanes, only to have the one you left go by faster.

 8. Abey ye horn pe haath rakh k bhool hi giya hai…

For that one khabees who REFUSES to remove his hand from the horn. You know who you are.

9. Dekh ke gari nahi chala saktay?

It’s Pakistan. You’ll hear this a lot.

15 desi statements you miss when you are on foreign roads
Source: TUC Pakistan

10. Ye agli gari zaroor aunty chala rahi hungi.

Casual everyday sexism,

11. Abey chal naa! Red signal hai to kia hua, koi gari paas nahi hai.

Basically how accidents happen.

12. Oye bhai dehaan se, saamny road pe gutter ka dhakkan ghaib hai.

Dhakkans are apparently a prized possession.

15 desi statements you miss when you are on foreign roads
Source: Filmwala Pictures/Excellency Films

13. Jao bhai, jaa ke apni aankhun ka number check karwao.

For that one person who really, really needs glasses.

14. Abbu ke paison ki gaari hogi, tab hi aese chala raha hai.

Because everyone knows the worth of their mehnat ki kamai ki gaari. 

15. Beta, Allah tumhari jori salamat rakhe.  

Ah yes. The one desi statement that can make things awkward the fastest.

Source: Hum Tv

You’ve probably already started thinking about other desi statements you hear or say now and then. Share away in the comment section below.

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