This ‘Medical Marriage Partner' Finder Is Every Mother's Shaadi Dream And We LOVE IT

By Biya Haq | 1 Apr, 2018

It’s no secret that the Internet and technology have made almost every aspect of our lives, easier. Whether it’s checking the weather, ordering food or even maintaining relationships!

Well, friends, it seems as if we have just touched the tip of the iceberg.



You may or may not have heard your friends talking about this lately or seeing images of it on your newsfeed. Well, we’ve got the scoop and it is OH SO GOOD.

There is now a platform through which you can find yourself a doctor husband or wife just by answering a few questions.

Source: Deenga

^ All Ammi’s everywhere.

Who needs engineers and bankers when you can FIND YOSELF A DOCTAH? The website, Matrimonial Medley, is set to launch a form today that will have users answer a number of questions that will lead them to their own true love.


In our world nowadays, there is not much that we cannot accomplish with the help of the Internet, social media and a will to make our lives better.

With a platform like this, Tinder and Minder seem to be tools of the past, merely time passes in the way of what all of us really want in a partner.


A stethoscope, of course.

And while all of this is great for us, it, unfortunately, is yet another nail in the coffin in the services of rishta aunties everywhere. Though they had held reign on their kingdom (I like to think of it as a Mafia), for decades, it seems as their time for business is slowly coming to an end.


And like, lol, bye.

Just think of all the marriages that will be created because of something like this! No more sitting in awkward living room situations, no more uncomfortable WhatsApp conversations and DEFINITELY no more ‘rishta dates’ in the cafe’s with your mom and their mom sitting off in the corner staring you down.

THE WORLD IS A BETTER PLACE and thanks to the creators at Matrimonial Medley, a healthier one too. Love you.

Want to fill out a form? Wanna find your doctor Bae? Are all your Grey’s Anatomy dreams coming true? Same. Let us know what you think in the comments below and head over to the site to fill out your own love form ~ GOOD LUCK!

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