35 Of The Realest Questions You Should Definitely Ask Your Potential Rishta

By Biya Haq | 30 Sep, 2017

The rishta business is quite lucrative in Pakistan, we all know that. Rishta aunties are always on the prowl to make perfect matches all over town. And let’s be real, every auntie is ready to make matches all over town, it’s basically a job.

But we all know when the rishtay walay come in and your ammi, abba and your siblings and their ammi, abba and your siblings are sitting there – things can get pretty awkward.

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SO we thought we would provide the ultimate cheat sheet of questions to ask your honay walay bae when it comes to really getting to know them.


1. Do you know how to cook?

We like to crush stereotypes here, we also like to eat lasagna. And nihari. 

2. What illnesses run in the family?

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Heart history? Lung history? Blood types?

3. What’s your nickname?

Shonu, Momo, Gudda?

4. How disorganized are you?

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5. Are you a feminist?


6. Do you like animals?

cute pups
PC: Kiran Maheen

Can we get a dog?

7. Do you have pets?

And name it dog?

8. Do you like travelling?

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9. Are you a picky eater?

Matlab, will you hate eating daal for six months straight until I learn to make something new?

10. What music do you listen to?

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House? Rock? Rap? Coke Studio? The entire DDLJ soundtrack on repeat?

11. How often do you read?

Basically – how much does Harry Potter mean to you.

12. What do you think about Malala?


13. What side of the bed do you sleep on?

Side? Middle? Starfish?

Source: My New Bed

14. Do you like to share blankets? Or have your own?

Cuddler? Non cuddler?

15. Is there a person or something in your life that has influenced your thinking and life?

Source: deenga.com

16. Mountains or the sea?

Both are great, waisay. 

17. Chai or coffee?

Green tea waisay, for the win.

18. Are you a show binger?

Disclaimer, I watched the entire Game of Thrones series in less than a month.

19. What are your views on capitalism?

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20. What is your temper like?

Would you get really mad if I accidentally deleted everything in your phone?

21. How many shoes is too many shoes?

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Please don’t say 47.

22. Do you think women should work?


23. How do you respond to problems?

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24. Cats or dogs?

This is the most important question in this list.

25. Do you think lying is okay?

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And don’t lie when you answer this.

26. Are you a lover or a fighter?

Do you love to fight?

27.What are your kinks and fetishes?

Source: Tumblr

28. What are your political views?

Not that should really effect anything, to each their own.

29. How many times do you brush your teeth?

Once? Twice? 7 times? (No judgment)

30. Do you leave the toilet seat up or down?

Second most important question in this list.

31. Do you think raising kids is the responsibility of the mother’s?

Source: Deenga.com

32. What’s your deepest sexual fantasy?


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33. What do you think about MangoBaaz?

Hehe, wellllllll?

34. What would you do for your wife if she found out she was on her period?

Tread carefully here, friends.

35. How do you treat your mother?



All of these questions will not tell you everything you need to know about the person you want to marry. Instead they can help you open up to more discussion into all the other things  that make your honay walay bae, into well, your bae!

Via: Deenga

Hehe, love you.

Did you find any of these helpful? Do you have any of your own questions to add to the list?


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