23 Of The Most “Ammi” Things All New Pakistani Mothers Do

By Haadia Paracha | 2 Apr, 2018

Being a first-time mother is unlike anything you’ve ever attempted, bohot hee mushkil kaam hai. As if your own fretting and constant second-guessing isn’t enough, muft ke mashwaray from all your rishtaydaar always keep you on your toes. Here’s a sweet compilation of all the typical “ammi” things Pakistani mothers jumping into motherhood for the very first time are guilty of doing:


1. Shamelessly documenting each and every moment of the baby’s life.

Via: Pinterest

Her first steps, his first poop, first tooth, first tind, first eid- everything is at the mercy of these new mothers.


2. Co-ordinating cute outfits for every occasion.

Via: Pinterest

They are the little barbie and ken dolls from your childhood that have suddenly come to life and how can you NOT play dress-up?



Via: Facebook

Everybody: Do you HAVE to flood our timelines with all that baby talk?

New mothers: #SorryNotSorry


And the memes bordering on TMI.

Source: Pregnancy & Newborns With Hot Moms Club Via: Facebook


4. Using your baby as an actual model for cutesy photos.

Source: @lauraiz Via: Instagram

Let’s just agree little humans are the perfect mannequins and the perfect props for all your photo albums.


5. Acting like a total child just to amuse your baby.

Eid mubarak to ya'll from us crazies! ❤️

A post shared by Syra Shahroz (@sairoz) on

It’s true, having a little munchkin around you 24/7 gets you in touch with the child inside you. New mothers not only start talking in a baby voice but start acting like one, too!


6. Shopping for all things baby.

Source: Pregnancy & Newborns With Hot Moms Club Via: Facebook

Can you really blame us when all these cute, pink, fluffy, happy things exist in the world?


7. Googling your way into a panic attack.

Source: Broadway Video

And rushing to an emergency room every time your baby has a blocked nose.


8. Making a big deal of all your baby’s milestones.

Source: lollywoodlife.com

From keeping tabs of all of your baby’s firsts to their birthdays, every milestone is cherished and celebrated.


9. Poking baby to make sure they’re breathing.

Source: Buzzfeed
Source: buzzfeed.com

…while watching your baby sleep. Does it ever get old? Nope.


10. Resting the baby’s head on a spherical pillow for a perfectly round head.

Source: alibaba.com

Of course, you want your baby to grow up to have a perfectly round football shaped head.


And sometimes, even a “pirch” 

That tea-set is multipurpose afffffff

Via: YouTube


11. Having the perpetual fear of rolling on top of the little baby in bed.

Source: gifsoup
Source: gifsoup.com

They’re so tiny, this is a perfectly legitimate cause of concern.


12. And surrounding your baby with pillows so they don’t fall right off.

Via: Giphy

“Let me just build a fort”


13. Being scared of cutting your baby’s nails.

Via: Tumblr

Can’t. Do. It. What. If. I. Cut. More. Than. Just. The. Nails?!?!?!


14. Constantly in awe of how small the fingernail of their pinky finger is.

Source: Sharewhy
Source: sharewhy.com

There is nothing more fascinating than your little human bean.


15. Only watching the baby channel all day long.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Ragdoll Productions

…because you don’t want the baby to be exposed to violence on HBO.


16. Flipping out over every sound that comes out of your baby’s mouth.

Via: Pinterest

Omg, my baby’s first words are sodium she’s going to grow up to be a scientist!


17. And getting offended when the first words aren’t “mama”

Source: Mazelbelchies Via: Facebook


18. Carrying a diaper bag full of all the non-sense the baby probably doesn’t even need ever.

Source: Chicagocpr
Source: chicagocpr.com

But what if he suddenly wakes up and realizes he needs a rubric’s cube? Let me pack that.


19. Tying cloth over baby’s hands so they don’t suck on their thumb.

Via: Tumblr

There are some moms who sprinkle a little bit of pepper on there, too. Tough love!


20. Tricking your baby for kicks.

Source: 4gifs
Source: 4gifs.com

Oh, honey. You’re so goofy.


21. Using your baby as an excuse to get out of plans.

Source: Amblin Entertainment

“Sorry, can’t make it to your dinner party. Little one is down with fever”

(not really but I can’t drag myself out of bed RN)


22. Not trusting your baby with other people.

Via: Tumblr

My baby. MINE.


23. Loving your baby to bits.

Source: @sairoz Via: Instagram

There’s nothing in the world that can ever compare to the bond you share with your baby. NOTHING.


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