This Festival In Lahore Has All The Local Artists From Pakistan And You Can Buy All The Art This Weekend

By Biya Haq | 7 Apr, 2018

Being a Lahori, you may or may not have heard of Daachi.

Photo source: Daachi/Facebook

Daachi is an artisanal crafts fair that comes to town twice a year.

Showcasing the best of the best talent from all over Pakistan, Daachi is open to all Lahoris and it is the ultimate weekend activity, with the stalls opening on the 7th of April, and closing on the 9th.

Daachi will have everything you are looking for. Everything from jewelry, clothes and vintage bags to furniture, art, and even puppets!

Photo source: Daachi/Facebook

The exhibition has been quite a hit and friends, get this – the main requirement for all food stalls at Daachi is that all food must be organic. How GREAT is that!?

So don’t be hesitant to jump in and eat all that you want.

The motto of Daachi itself is ‘Guarding Our Heritage,’ and with every purchase of a craft, we all have the opportunity to put our own contribution towards the cause, which is BRILLIANT.

Photo source: Daachi/Facebook

The tickets are available for Rs. 250/- at the entrance and will be valid for all three days of the exhibition! Taking place at the Qasr E Noor Community Center in Model Town, Lahore, you’ll have plenty of time to make your way over.

Photo source: Daachi/Facebook


Photo source: Daachi/Facebook

So bring your wallets, be ready to have a good time and hope to see you there! For more updates, follow the official Daachi Facebook page. ~

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Cover photo source: Daachi/Facebook

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