Essential Guide To Non Desi Breakfast Restaurants In Lahore

By Sinwan Zahid | 7 Apr, 2018

If you’re looking for non-desi breakfast restaurants in Lahore, WELCOME, because you’re in the right place! To make planning with friends and family easier, we’ve listed down some worthy non-desi breakfast restaurants in Lahore for you, so get your reservations in order and send us some pictures from your meal that we can share on our Hungerist Instagram account (@thehungerist)

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Jade Cafe by ChinaTown, Defence Phase 4

Can’t say the same about their lunch and dinner menus, but Jade Cafe serves a great breakfast menu. Be it with their simmering pan of shakshuka or oozing-hot Nutella toast, Jade knows how to make you drool when it comes to breakfast. You can even order this beautiful chicken with buttery waffles and eggs in the picture below which isn’t part of their breakfast menu but can totally pass as one if you’re late.

More info here

Source; Jade Cafe by ChinaTown


Sweet Tooth, M.M Alam Rd, Gulberg

Sweet Tooth has recently introduced a breakfast menu and my oh my does it look outstanding. Expect your sweet tooth to be satisfied here with delicious, crunchy french toasts with whipped cream and fruit, blueberry puree (pictured below) and tangy strawberry slurpees. If you wanna have some namkeen, opt for their shakshuka called shashka :p

More info here

Source: Ali Rehman/Foodies R Us

English Tea House, Defence Phase 3

It’s not extraordinary but it’s decent, simple breakfast. When at ETH, start with their buttery croissants and then order yourself some eggs, toast, some jam, and butter. I’ll recommend you go on a weekday if you’re looking for some peace and quiet because the weekends are chaotic.

More details here

Breakfast final….see you!

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City Cafe and Grill, Defence Phase 5

City Cafe and Grill’s breakfast has gained much attention in very little time. Their full English breakfast is a must-have because whether it’s their hash browns or sausage or even their eggs, everything is cooked to perfection and also tastes delightful. If that doesn’t make you hungry, order their waffles – those paired with syrup, fruit and ice cream just immediately feel at home in your mouth and leave you thanking the sugar and flour gods. My personal recommendation is their eggs benedict. Tabahi.

More details here

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The Urban Cafe Yoglicious, Gulberg

Urban Cafe’s meetha naashta is delectable! If you’re ever like ‘hey I just wanna treat myself to some loaded waffles and pancakes,’ this place is the answer. You will be served a humongous portion along with heavy toppings of cream, chocolate, fruits, ice creams and syrups and you most definitely will not be able to finish it. Their red velvet waffles, pictured below, are to die for and make you scream/go mmmm once they enter your food cave aka your mouth.

More details here

Source: The Urban Cafe Yoglicious/Facebook


Mocca, Packages Mall

Mocca isn’t our favorite when it comes to their breakfast but if you’re looking for a good coffee place that serves breakfast, it will do the job. Their granola and cereal platters are delicious btw, showered with tons and tons of fruit and cream. The same goes for their smoothies, especially their berry blast and tropical ice – those smoothies slap you right in the face and wake you up, and I love that about them!

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Chaaye Khana, M.M Alam Rd, Gulberg

People rave about Chaaye Khana’s french toasts and that’s where it ends. Other items on the menu are mediocre at best. With chai from their tea collection, it is the perfect combination if you just want some bread soaked in sweet milk and pan-fried to perfection with some good ol’ chai.

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Àmú’s brunch is divine (and expensive). From their meats to eggs to pancakes, they don’t go wrong with anything. I believe every single person should try Àmú’s at least once in their life as their brunch isn’t just any other ordinary brunch. The food, prepared by a Michelin chef, is out of this world but for that, you need to make a booking days in advance and secondly keep cash in handy as cards aren’t accepted.

Source: Saad A Kureshi/Facebook

Espresso, Mall 1, Gulberg

Espresso’s cheese, pepperoni, and onion omelet is such an interesting take on omelets especially for when you’re done with the ordinary plain omelets. The pepperoni in it makes up for the bacon missing in our non-desi breakfasts. And if you’re looking for something light and sweet, give their Nutella crepes a shot. Soft, thin and fluffy crepes packed with Nutella is really good stuff for the mornings.

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Tenerife Cafe, Jail Rd, Main Gulberg

Tenerife Cafe’s country fried chicken and eggs is the stuff of your dreams. Served in a platter with beans, sausage, salad, I approve 100% of it. If you wanna have something sweet, try out their light and fluffy berry pancakes and you will not be disappointed.

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Billy Bunter’s

I recently discovered Billy Bunter’s and I’m in love with their sweet and savory breakfast options. You should really give their red velvet waffles (pictured below) a try. They’re crunchy on the outside, sweet and soft on the inside and heavenly in your mouth. Wese bhi, everything red velvet is always the best.

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Sweet Affairs by Saniya Waqar, Packages Mall

Sweet Affairs is inconsistent with quality and taste in breakfast but when they deliver, they deliver well. If you’re craving crisp waffles with ice cream in the morning, Sweet Affairs is where it’s at. Breakfast like this makes me wish waffles weren’t just plain carbs, cuz I’d totally live on these waffles and ice cream if I had to.

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Thanda Garam, Y Block, Defence Phase 3

Thanda Garam’s pink smoothie bowl is to die for. In it are chia seeds, berries, coconut milk and edible flowers WHAAAT? Healthy food never looked and tasted so good. Try it out, friends and thank me later!

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Cafe Aylanto, M.M Alam Rd, Gulberg

Cafe Aylanto truly has one of the best breakfasts in Lahore – and by that I mean their entire menu is spectacular. Their poached eggs are so perfectly done I can’t even begin to describe them. All I can say is that they melt in your mouth and make you foodgasm. Yes, that’s actually a thing.

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And this is it, so many non-desi breakfast restaurants in Lahore to visit. Bookmark, save, screenshot this list so that you can pull it out the minute you need some coffee and food to wake up!

Or, you could make an account on Hungerist and save these restaurants to your Hunger List to make it easier for yourself 😉


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