15 Of The Best Local Shops For Ice Cream In Lahore

By Sinwan Zahid | 2 Apr, 2018

Today I want to begin by talking about how complete and utter shit foreign, imported ice cream in Lahore is. One doesn’t even get a proper serving for the hundreds of rupees we pay yet they continue to flaunt their names off like they’re the best in the business. NO bhai, in your dreams.

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Foreign brands can keep their fancy ads, we’ll live. Our desi ice cream in Lahore is so much better, so much more flavorful and very, very fresh. Firstly, it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, and secondly, it is plentiful in servings and toppings. Lastly, it tastes friggin’ great. Which is why I’ve put together a list of my absolute OG ice cream places; ice cream in Lahore that I can depend on while Movenpick and Baskin Robbins can’t stop with their nakhray, exorbitant prices and bland ice creams. Rant over.

Now, so that you’re able to spend summer without going broke, check these places out:


Where: H Block, Defence and many other spots around Lahore

Recommendation: Vanilla ice cream

Source: Sinwan Zahid / MangoBaaz


Cosa Nostra

Where: Mall 1, Gulberg and Y Block, Defence

Recommendation: Strawberry ice cream and Nutella ice cream


Chaudairy Ice Cream

Where: Ghazi Rd, close to Kitchen Cuisine, Defence

Recommendation: Chocolate ice cream

That’s how we work hard for you !?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?

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Myne’s Cakery

Where: Dessert Directory, Y Block, Defence

Recommendation: Nutella Swirl Dream ice cream and After Eight (Choc-Mint) ice cream

Source: Myne’s Cakery/Facebook


Jay Bee’s Ice Cream

Where: Opposite Aadil Hospital, Main Boulevard Defence

Recommendation: Vanilla soft serve with chocolate sauce

Source: Jay Bee’s/Facebook


Waffles by Alamgir

Where: Main Market, Gulberg

Recommendation: The Alamgir Special soft serve (contains nuts, lots of them)

Source: Waffles by Alamgir Ali/Facebook



Where: Liberty Market, Gulberg

Recommendation: Vanilla-Mango soft serve

Source: Robbiya cone ice cream/Facebook


Jaidi Pan Shop

Where: H Block, Defence

Recommendation: Tutti frutti ice cream

Ice-Cream ❤ ✌ #JaidiPanShop #LoveForIceCream #FoodClick #Lhr #DHA #HBlock

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Where: Beadon Rd, Mall

Recommendation: Pista Badaam (pistachio almond) and Chocolate Chip

Source: peacepak.pk



Where: Beadon Rd, Mall

Recommendation: Mango with loads of wafers, chocolate and toffee

Source: Muzammil Uppal‎/Facebook


Benazir Kulfa

Where: Noor Jehan Rd, Liberty Market, Gulberg

Recommendation: The kulfa with lacchay (clear noodles)

Source: Locally Lahore/Facebook


CVC Cone

Where: G1, Johar Town

Recommendation: Vanilla-Chocolate soft serve with crushed biscuit and nuts

Source: Waleed Khan/Facebook


Shahi Kulfi

Where: Ferozepur Rd, next to Punjab College

Recommendation: Kulfi (duh)

Source: Ambreen Jilani/Foodies R Us


Ice Tech

Where: Near Mochi Pura Mor, Township

Recommendation: Tutti Frutti, if you love it when fruits and cream rain on your ice cream

Source: Rai Azhar/Facebook


The Hot Spot Cafe

Where: Gaddafi Stadium, Gulberg and Defence Phase 2 and 4 Commercial

Recommendation: Dark Chocolate ice cream and Strawberry Yoghurt

Source: bahriatownplus.blogspot.com

Here’s all the ice cream in Lahore that tastes amazing and won’t cost you more than three hundred rupees for a big serving. Since summer is officially here, let’s all try these out and decide for ourselves if local ice creams beat foreign ones!

If you have favorites that aren’t mentioned here, let us know in the comments.


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