These Women Have Disgustingly Been Trolling Feroze Khan's New Wife On Social Media

By Alveena Jadoon | 6 Apr, 2018

The recent hoopla around the wedding of Feroze Khan (many congratulations to the new couple) has pointed out a very interesting debate.


Many women, in particular, took to commenting about how Feroze Khan’s wife was physically not as “beautiful” to get married to the actor

While everyone has their own perception of beauty, the fact that women are very critical of other women and their looks is something quite problematic. You are negating an entire being and who they are as a person merely because of their looks.

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Another post talks about how people “deserve” other people based on their looks

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And this reference is nothing but vile

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We often talk about how we as a society need to move past each other’s looks and focus more on how we are as human beings

This is not the first instance where certain comparisons have been made. The same comments followed when vlogger Zaid Ali T got married. People just could not hold themselves from commenting on how his wife looked. And the interesting bit is that these same heinous comments come back to effect women in particular. This cycle of rejection based on looks never breaks because women themselves perpetuate such standards and marginalize women who do not fulfill those standards.

This unwarranted commentary on frivolous things like body and physical features leads many a men to generalize women’s behavior and perpetuate the myth that women bring down other women.


While pop culture has instilled this belief among women that they need to outdo each other, it is about time that they get out of this fight and stand by each other


If you’re a supporter of women empowerment and how we need to break free from the shackles of patriarchy you have to check your own words and make sure you’re not other bringing each other down


If women are the ones perpetuating this injustice, then it does make you wonder how long will it take to convince your own gender to finally break that cerebral barrier and join debates which are relevant and which will make lives easier. Imagine a young woman who is not able to get the same opportunities as someone you might consider good-looking, despite being equally able. This is not the kind of precedent we want to be setting.

Imagine your own self in the situation. So let’s not bring each other down. Let’s try and be happy for each other. Somewhere in this fight, we forget to be happy for each other and that leaves us with very little of that emotion to share with each other.


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