CRISIS! Lahore is Undergoing a Shortage of the Worst Kind

CRISIS! Lahore is Undergoing a Shortage of the Worst Kind

CRISIS! Lahore is Undergoing a Shortage of the Worst Kind

Food is our lifeline. It is what fuels our body. We all eat to live, right?

Wrong! We (especially the Lahoris) live to eat. And we all have that one (or three) favorite foods we can never get enough of.

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We wish we could eat them all day, every day.

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While some of us like things like Biryani.

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Or French Fries.

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Daal Chawal even.

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There are some of us who are madly, deeply, unashamedly in love with…

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Yes the creamy, gooey, terribly delicious spread from the food heavens, Nutella.

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But Lahore is facing a shortage of this sweet, sweet concoction.

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And we are very sad.

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Kim Kardashian, sad.


It has been several weeks now and we’ve tried many, many stores.

But sadly, all of them return with the same answer.

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We decided to do some digging and apparently, stores in Lahore get Nutella from this one supplier based in Karachi who, according to our sources, are doing this to increase prices.

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I bet they know how we feel about our lovely Nutella and are trying to strong arm us.


So here’s our humble request: Dear supplier uncle, please bring back our Nutella, aap jitnay paise kahein ge mere baba de dein ge but please let our store shelves be stocked with Nutella again.

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In the meanwhile, here’s some things you can do with Nutella when it is restocked.

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Spread it

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Sit in it



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Marry it!!

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