This Is How Much Your Favorite Coke Studio Artists Have Changed Over The Years

By Malaika Tahir | 23 Sep, 2016

Coke Studio artists have come a long way since it all started in 2008. And now when season 9 is coming to an end, we thought about taking a look back at the amazing journey of these people. The show not only grew on people, the artists grew with it as well in their talent, skill and might we add appearance, in some cases.

Here’s a look at some of those best transformations seen on Coke Studio till now:


Meesha Shafi

From Season 3’s Jugni, to Season 9 Bholay Bhalay or the thumping Aaya Laariye, Meesha Shafi has grown into an even more elegant version of herself, and people have fallen in love with not just her sexy voice, but with her sense of edgy style and personality.


Ali Zafar

In the journey from Season 1’s Channo to Season 8’s Ae Dill, Ali Zafar’s boyish spikes and youthful face took a turn 8 years later, and he looked more grown up and graceful than ever with a eccentric sense of style, effortlessly rocking a tux with a ponytail.


Atif Aslam

In Season 1, Atif Aslam is looking like a school boy with a magical voice, but seven years later in Season 8, we did notice that his voice blew everyone away with Tajdar-e-Haram, but we also noticed how much he has grown since then.


Jaffer Zaidi

The beautiful long locks of the multi-talented Coke Studio vocalist, pianist, composer, lyricist, producer and director Jaffer Zaidi are all chopped off and a short haircut is what’s left, which Jaffer seems to be slaying just as perfectly as he did his long hair. screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-7-54-00-%d8%a8-%d8%af


Ali Hamza

A total game changer. From the sweet and shy yet talented Ali Hamza, we now have a Ali Hamza who knows how to make his presence felt not only by rocking his instruments, but by commanding the stage, as well.


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Zoe and Rachel Viccaji

After four years as a backing vocalist, Rachel forayed into lead singing on the show with Nere Aa with Farhad Humayun earlier but this time around she sang Shamaan Pai Gaiyaan with a beautiful transformation; it’s amazing how the same person can pull off the punk look as well as the soft and sweet look with such elegance.


Mohsin Abbas Haider

From Mazaaq Raat to his Coke Studio debut with Udi Jaa, we hope he’ll continue on the Coke Studio journey in the upcoming seasons.



Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch

She debuted with Panchi with Jal the band, in Season 4 and has been a force to be reckoned with, ever since.


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