Mohsin Abbas Haider Just Sang His Way Into Pakistanis' Hearts On Coke Studio

By Sarmad Amer | 2 Sep, 2016

This Faisalabadi just proved that talent has no match. Mohsin Abbas Haider, with his debut on Coke Studio season 9, sang a beautiful original song. For an episode where, one must confess, one wasn’t expecting, Mohsin has proven his outing to be one of the best, if not the best, so far.


You may also recognize Mohsin from his turn in ‘Mazaaq Raat

Performing on the night show, alongside Noman Ejaz, behind a turntable is no easy feat. and Mohsin managed to make a mark with his energetic presence.


He began his professional career in his hometown, Faislabad, where he started off as a Radio Jockey. He is now set to star in ‘Teri Meri Love Story’ alongside Mohib Mirza, Ushna Shah and Salman Shahid, and with the vocals that he is blessed with, as his Coke Studio debut, Uddi Ja proves, we only see a bright career ahead of him. The RJ from Faisalabad sure has come a long way.


Here’s what people think about Mohsin Abbas Haider’s debut on Coke Studio:


People were surprised to see the Mazaaq Raat guy on Coke Studio


This guy even wants Mohsin to quit his job


And this one can’t help but compare Mohsin to ‘Vicky Donor’

We think Mohsin’s got the more edgy feel to his personality, no?

This one was surprised because she wasn’t expecting Mohsin to be AS GOOD as he turned out to be


People, generally, seem to have underestimated the powerhouse that Mohsin Abbas Haider is


But the overall sentiment is that Mohsin Abbas Haider is the new bae of every music fan


A new star is born, ladies and gentlemen


This guy summed up what all of us are thinking

Us too, bro. Us too.


If you’re looking to get out from under your rock, or if you just want to mesmerized by the beautiful song again, here’s Uddi Ja by Mohsin Abbas Haider:

You’re absolutely welcome.

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