Here Are The Secrets About Coke Studio You Probably Never Ever Would've Known

By The Mango Tree | 22 Sep, 2016

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By: Emad Zafar

Coke Studio Season 9 is near its end and it’s been quite a roller coaster season with its fair share of ups and downs. Some songs have completely blown audiences away while some couldn’t live up to expectations. What Coke Studio did however was that it brought together the best talents from around the country on one single platform where they got together and had their music do all the talking – more often than not, it ended up in magic.

Under the mentor-ship of executive producers Strings, this season’s show has seen six directors produce music belonging to six different genres. While we all know that great music is synonymous to Coke Studio, there are some amazing facts that you probably never knew, so here goes:

1. Ever wondered how a song gets produced on a Coke Studio set? The recording of the song and video takes place live at the same time.

No enactments, but actual live recording.


2. This season’s crew includes 192 members.


Yep, you read that right, ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY TWO. Consisting of artists, producers, house-band and support staff. The entire Coke Studio team is like one large, happy family.

3. The total number of instruments used in the recording of the entire Coke Studio Season 9 is 36.


The secret recipe for the mesmerizing music produced on Coke Studio is the integration of several modern and contemporary musical instruments.

4. The crew play the Atari Flashback console game in the artists’ lounge to de-stress or to take a break.


Because recording the entire Coke Studio season is no child’s play and takes up a lot of time, hard work and dedication. And after all, who doesn’t love some gaming banter at work?!

5. Coke Studio is loved and followed all over the world with its international outreach now extending to over 150 countries.


So guys, food isn’t the only thing the world loves about Pakistan, there’s our amazing music too.

6. Coke Studio Pakistan is hugely popular in India with 1.6million likes on its Facebook page from India alone.


(And we all know whose Coke Studio version is better, right? RIGHT?)

7. The most listened to song of Coke Studio worldwide is Atif Aslam’s Tajdar-e-Haram with 50 million views.


What. A. Song.

8.Tajdar-e-Haram and Alif Allah are the two most internationally famous tracks.


9. Chaap Tilak from Season 7 performed by the legendary duo of Abida Parveen & Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was recorded in one single take.


NO REHEARSALS, NO DEMOS! Well, they’re not legends of our music industry for nothing.

10. Coke Studio has so far recorded 300 million+ plays and views for its songs from around the world.


Amazing, isn’t it? With one episode left, we’re incredibly excited about how this season is going to close and have just three words for it:


(okay, that’s four but technically the last is a hashtag so doesn’t count).

About the Author: Emad is a PR and Communications professional with a keen interest in sports, music and pop culture. He tweets @EmadZafar

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