Meesha Shafi Set Fire To The Coke Studio Stage And People Can't Handle It

By Malaika Tahir | 3 Sep, 2016

Meesha Shafi has always been a rock star. She has been on our radar ever since she mesmerized the whole world with Alif Allah Chambey Di Booti with the inimitable Arif Lohar. This year, continuing her legacy of churning out powerful renditions of traditional songs done the Meesha way, with her sexy voice, Meesha has outdone herself on Coke Studio.


After the EDM inspired Bholay Bhalay Saiyaan, Meesha sang the Aaya Laariye song on Episode 4 of Coke Studio

Meesha Shafi-Cover

The song is a traditional Punjabi tappa, sung at weddings. It was made famous by Musarrat Nazir years ago and has just been given a modern, refreshing spin by Meesha Shafi along with Naeem Abbas Rufi.


And, as expected, people fell in love with the song


And of course, with Meesha Shafi

This person thought of a brilliant partner for Meesha to sing a duet with

We think Meesha and Naseebo Lal would be an amazing duo, too.


Some people could not stop singing praise for the Pakistani goddess that Meesha has proven herself to be


Like seriously


Meesha gave A LOT of people #GOALS


And her fashion choices for the song have become absolutely iconic


Praise came from Meesha’s fans across the border too


Like, everything about the song was perfect

Pakistan has found its song for this shaadi season

We know what we’ll be doing some awkward luddi to.




And that “Jeeja“…


Here’s the song, if you still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet:

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