Remember The City Wars? Here's Who Really Won It

By Sarmad Amer | 2 Dec, 2016

City wars are a never ending phenomenon. Now, we all know how passionate everyone is about their hometowns, even their country. New York vs Los Angeles, London vs Paris, Delhi vs Mumbai, it happens everywhere in the world. Similarly, the eternal tussle between three of Pakistan’s biggest metropolitan cities just keeps on going.


So, MangoBaaz decided to dip our toes in this fire by getting some celebrities to do some roasting.

Source: MangoBaaz

Ali Safina, Ushna Shah and Uzair Jaswal read out everything that people say on the internet about each other’s cities (yes, woh becharay khud larai nai kara rahay thay bas aap sab ke kahay hue alfaz parh rahay thay). And then they had a little fun with it.


Nothing, and nobody was spared

Source: MangoBaaz


Like Karachi’s sea

Source: MangoBaaz


Or Lahori girls having some charbi

Source: MangoBaaz


Not even Islamabadi burgers were spared

Source: MangoBaaz


And, boy oh boy, were people fighting


It was like the hunger games all over again


Or as if Qayamat had arrived in Pakistan


Karachi ka uchlo bhi famous ho gaya


And everyone jumped in to defend their city


But ultimately, we all know who really won this “war”

These “city wars” and all, they don’t mean anything. They’re just some light-hearted banter (and if you take these silly things too seriously, yaar grow up).


And if you really love Pakistan so much, here’s something that should keep you engaged.

This is Pakistan’s first online film. Ali Safina, Ushna Shah and Uzair Jaswal, all of them are in here, together (not fighting over their cities). And it’s SO MUCH FUN.

Mazay kee baat ye hai, this is only the trailer… picture abhee baaqi hai mere dost 😉


P.S. Here’s a smart suggestion for all the haters out there who’re still not over their hatred

Pyaar kar yaar… apni city ko defend kar, oye kuch kar guzar.


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