After So Much Drama, Sham Idrees Just Apologized But Ducky Bhai And Rahim Pardesi Aren't Having It

By Noor | 10 May, 2019

Sham Idrees apology is not exactly being received by Ducky Bhai and Rahim Pardesi

It seems like Pakistani YouTube has turned into a bloody battlefield. Like EVERY single Pakistani YouTuber is making a separate response video in reaction to ALL the current happenings. After a few shocking revelations, the things have got messier than before.


Amidst all the mess that is Pakistani YouTube right now, Sham Idrees has apologized to the Pakistani YouTubers he had called out recently for creating a conspiracy against him

He started off the video by wishing everyone a Happy Ramazan and said that even in this pure month If he doesn’t let go of all the anger and ill intentions then what’s the point of fasting? Thus he wanted to apologize to everyone who has ever been hurt by his actions or words.

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS/YouTube

He apologized to Rahim Pardesi and said that he does not know him personally BUT if he has hurt him in any way then he is sorry

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS/YouTube

Sham also said that Mooroo is upset because he ‘thinks’ that Sham has copied his video, so he wants to apologize to him as well. He also talked about Shahveer Jafri and said that there was a time when they both were like brothers and NOW things have changed. He further said that whatever happened between both of them was NOT good but still if he has ever hurt him then he sincerely wants to apologize.

He said sorry to Zaid Ali for saying things that might have been said by him because of anger. Sham asked Zaid to forget the past and asked him to start the terms from a new page.


Sham also apologized to Ducky bhai and stated that mistakes have been made from both sides

He said he wholeheartedly wants to say sorry if his actions/words might have affected Ducky bhai or his family. Sham said kay mainay apko maaf kiya, ab aap bhe kar dain.

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS/YouTube

He ended his apology by saying that ALL the YouTubers need to END this negativity which has engulfed the Pakistani YouTube community. He said that this all is tarnishing the image of Pakistani YouTubers all over the world and is causing serious damage to their reputation.


It is pertinent to mention that earlier, Ducky and Zaid had shared their grievance that although Sham was willing to “apologize” he wasn’t honestly accepting his mistakes

Source: ZaidAliT Vlogs/YouTube

In his latest apology, Sham didn’t mention anything directly but he did apologize. He was earlier asked by Zaid and Ducky bhai to own up all their previous mistakes, too. The YouTuber mentioned his mistakes and conflicts generally and apologized.


Sham’s latest apology didn’t go down too well with Ducky Bhai and Rahim Pardesi

Ducky Bhai responded with a shady tweet, highlighting another recent controversy where the Samaa TV anchor Muhammad Shuaeb apologized to Nasir Khan Jan after he had invited the social media personality to his morning show and misbehaved with Jan.


On the other hand, Rahim Pardesi addressed the issue on his Instagram stories, saying that he’s not looking for any apologies from Sham but that Sham should apologize to the awaam for making them fools with his antics. He also went on to say that he had tried to contact Sham Idrees recently, through Shahmeer Abbas to sort the matter out but had not heard a positive response from Sham.

Source: @rahimpardesi / Instagram


So, what’s your take on the issue? Do you think Ducky and Rahim should accept Sham’s apology or are they right in calling Sham’s apology weak and insincere?


Let us know your thoughts on this phadda in the comments below and you can watch Sham’s apology here


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Cover image via: @rahimpardesi / Instagram and Sham Idrees VLOGS / YouTube and Zaid Ali T Vlogs / YouTube

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