After Getting Massive Backlash, The Samaa TV Host Finally Apologized To Nasir Khan Jan For His Behavior

By Manahil | 9 May, 2019

Nasir Khan Jan found massive support among the awaam for this incident


Recently, Samaa TV morning show host, Muhammad Shuaeb humiliated social media celebrity, Nasir Khan Jan after inviting him on the show.

He was asked rather odd questions in an extremely condescending tone on the show, “Naya Din” hosted by Muhammed Shuaeb and Kiran Aftab. The interview was downright nasty, humiliating, and honestly, everyone stood by Nasir Khan Jan’s side.



Muhammed Shuaeb was labelled as a culprit and was mostly held responsible for spewing hate, while his co-host Kiran was smirking the whole time.

Shoaib got a ton of backlash for it, even to the point where those who didn’t like Nasir Khan Jan stood by his side and supported him while they did not condone the behavior of the hosts. The internet went even as far as to make a petition so the host, Muhammed Shuaeb could be fired from the show.



The whole incident caused quite the controversy, as you know


After a ton of backlash, the host has finally apologized for his behavior toward Nasir Khan Jan.

Maybe it was due to pressure or maybe he was sincere, whatever it was, Muhammed Shuaeb apologized today. He started off with, “mai ap sy mazrat krna chahta hoon.” And he goes on to say that the questions he asked and the way in which he asked them was clearly wrong, “mai ny kuch sawal kiya, mera wo sawal ghalat, mera tareeka ghalat, mera andaaz ghalat.” He did not respect Nasir Khan Jan, “mai inka ihtram na kar paya“, he admitted. And stated that he has learned from his mistake, and realized, “mehman hai, izat krny hai“.

The TV show host keeps repeating firmly that he apologizes, for his “intahai ghalat” kaam. And he says means it, “dil sy”.


Once he apologized to the audience for his terrible attitude and lack of etiquettes, he called Nasir Jan Khan.

Muhammed Shuaeb called up Nasir and talked to him on the show. He apologized to him, sincerely, multiple times. While Nasir Khan Jan only had one reply, “nai nai koi masla nahi hai“, and said to the host, “ap mere bhai ho“. Nasir said that he doesn’t hold grudges, “mere dil mein kuch bhi nahi hai”.

He even explained that when they go on shows, “the hosts ask different questions. Sometimes, we are prepared beforehand and are able to handle the questions, and other times we’re not”. Nasir Khan Jan is honestly the king of forgiving, he graciously accepted the apology.



While it doesn’t make everything okay, it does make things better. And people appreciate his apology.

Others should follow in Shoaib’s footsteps, after making a mistake, sincerely apologize and although it may not be enough it shows that you have realized where you went wrong.


Nasir Khan Jan Just Responded For The First Time After The Samaa TV Host Behaved Rudely With Him


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