Pakistanis Have Started A Petition To Remove The TV Host Who Was Rude With Nasir Khan Jan

By Maliha Khan | 8 May, 2019

Nasir Khan Jan is one of the biggest social media celebrities in Pakistan and recently he was invited to speak on Naya Din. There has been a lot of conversation following his appearance on the show and lots of show of support from Pakistanis, for the controversial social media star.


The morning show hosts that invited Nasir Khan Jan are in the news for misbehaving with him

The interview was filled with spiteful and rather disgusting comments from the show’s host, Muhammad Shuaeb. Pakistanis took note and decided to take a stand.

source: Naya Din / Facebook


Pakistanis have now started a petition to remove Muhammad Shuaeb from Samaa TV for his behavior with Nasir

The petition has been signed by almost 13000 people till now and the number is increasing as I type this. The goal of the petition is to reach 15,000 signatures and less than 24 hours into the petition the goal has almost been met.


Even if you aren’t a fan of Nasir Khan Jan, thori si insaaniat toh hai pir bhe.

How was it even okay for the producers and directors of the show to allow this in the first place, and until now there is not word on the matter from Samaa TV, except for the unfazed tweet by Muhammad Shoaib himself. This was an appropriate act and should have been condemned on the spot, but since it wasn’t the petition allows people to support Nasir Khan Jan now.

All you have to do is go on the website, type in your first and last name, along with your email to be able to support.



Many Pakistanis have already signed the petition:


Others are supporting Nasir Khan Jan and speaking up for him


While most understand what is wrong in this situation, others are still turning a blind eye to the insults and inappropriate behavior

Will you be signing the petition?


People Are Pissed At This Morning Show Host For Behaving Extremely Rudely With Nasir Khan Jan


Cover image via Naya Din / Facebook

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