People Are Pissed At This Morning Show Host For Behaving Extremely Rudely With Nasir Khan Jan

By Ramsha Bhatti | 7 May, 2019

Every Pakistani with an internet connection and social media presence is well aware of possibly the most talked about social media celebrity of our time: Nasir Khan Jan.


Hate him, or love him, you just cannot ignore Nasir Khan Jan and his social media presence



Besides his rather “entertaining” content, Nasir Khan Jan has been in the news lately for his awe-inducing transformation

He went from looking like that

Via: Facebook



Via: Facebook

I mean, he went from looking like a man with a hot Cheetos addiction to a legit machine, and I ain’t even mad. Gotta give the dude credit for all that hard work.

And we weren’t the only ones eyeing this change in him.


Nasir Khan Jan was just asked to be a guest on a morning show where he was asked rather perplexing questions

Muhammad Shuaeb and Kiran Aftab, the hosts of morning show ‘Naya Din’ for Samaa TV invited social media star Jan to their show yesterday.


What should have been a light-hearted yet insightful interview turned into something extremely nasty all because of these two people


The anchor, Muhammad Shuaeb, literally lost his cool and can be seen spitting hateful comments at his guest, while Kiran Aftab can be seen smirking very casually, next to him. The interview was nothing but a rather mockery and humiliation parade and in all honesty, I feel terrible for Nasir.

Watching the interview, it felt like Shuaeb and Kiran threw all of their etiquettes and general courtesy out of the window. Shuaeb called Jan vulgar, idiotic and shameless, and a few other things. Disagreeing with someone’s point of view and going on national television and belittling someone are polar opposite things, and the latter is so not okay.


While Nasir Khan Jan was absolutely confident and proud of the hard work he has done over the years, the anchors were adamant upon bringing him down


Nasir’s rebuttal for all the spiteful and disrespectful comments Shuaeb threw his way was that it was his hard work and, like other celebrities, he had the right to show off his work to gain some form of appreciation.

HOW is their producer letting them do this?


Needless to say, this inappropriate behavior managed to gain public attention and the viewers have not reciprocated well to this unacceptable episode.

Via: Facebook


People are not happy with how the anchors behaved in the said situation.

Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook


Haan, Matlab, fazool harkaten karni hain tou mat bulaow na in logo ko, better than disrespecting them in front of the whole country

Via: Facebook


People are actually showing support for Nasir Khan Jan, given the treatment he received which was totally uncalled for

As of the publication of this post Nasir was the top trend in Pakistan

Via: Twitter


Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook

I’d also like to point out that this isn’t the first time these anchors have carried out offensive treatment of their hosts.


Previously, Kiran Aftab and the team of Naya Din was dragged all over social media for misbehaving with young doctors on their show


Needless to say, people are observing the pattern of this show.

Via: Facebook

From the looks of it, it seems like this team is using the same tactic to gain views. Who agrees to appear on their show is a different debate I will look into some other day.

Via: Facebook

What these anchors did is nothing even remotely close to ethical and responsible journalism. Calling someone on your show to interview them and then going on to humiliate and berate them for the masses to watch is not how morning shows, and interview or panel shows are supposed to work. From the look of it, it seemed like the anchor was more interested in imposing his personal views on Nasir Khan Jan rather interviewing him. On the other hand, I am glad that this train wreck of a morning show is not receiving much positive response from the general public, hoping that would knock some sense into the producers.

On that note, share with us what you think of the episode and the issue that took place on the show? let us know in the comments below.


People Are Pissed At TV Anchor Kiran Aftab For Behaving Extremely Rudely With These Doctors On Her Show


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