People Are Pissed At TV Anchor Kiran Aftab For Behaving Extremely Rudely With These Doctors On Her Show

By Noor | 29 Mar, 2019

Doctors are a valuable asset of the society and they NEED to be respected. It seems that the Pakistani society understands this particular fact because an anchor who tried to demean the guest doctors on her show has invited a lot of criticism.


Kiran Aftab, an anchor at Samaa TV, is being criticized for her ‘humiliating’ behavior towards the doctors on her show

Source: Kiran aftab ahmed khan / Facebook


In reference to an ongoing protest by doctors in Karachi, a few doctors were invited on her show to highlight their demands and grievances

Upon visiting the show, the doctors clearly mentioned that they have not received their salaries for the last 4 months and as no steps are taken by the higher authority thus they have decided to boycott the medical practice in the OPD section. They went on to clarify that they understand the problems of the patients hence the emergency ward is functioning normally.

Protesting Since 9 days and also media is Portraying us wrong!!!!edit: Off camera she called us Doctors "Safaid kapron mai bhariyay(Wolf)" and start laughing…shame on this baseless journalism!!

Gepostet von Syed Mukarram Irshad am Mittwoch, 27. März 2019


People couldn’t really hold back their anger at the behavior of the hosts, most of the criticism focused on Kiran Aftab for the way she talked to the guests


They accused the anchor of not understanding the issues of the doctors and name-calling


People are even leaving bad reviews on the anchor’s Facebook page


A few quoted the lines said by the anchor and argued that she needed to show empathy


They even demanded a ban on the host of the show while stating that she lacked basic manners and decency


Doctors are demanding justice for the ill-behaved show experience


People pointed out the unprofessional attitude of the host and said that she had no right to mock any profession

People are demanding a public apology and urged the news channel to take a stern action


Every profession is equally important and it should be respected. Passing derogatory remarks is easier than to understand the ‘real’ issues. Moreover, it’s very important to maintain a perfect balance between rights and duties to ensure that no-one in the society suffers and the rights of ALL are safeguarded.

So, what are your thoughts on the issue? let us know in the comments below.



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