Sana Javed Looks Like Freaking Royalty In Her Latest Photoshoot, And YAASSS QUEEN

By Arslan Athar | 29 Mar, 2019

Photoshoots are pretty common for our celebrities. From lawn campaigns to bridal shoots, our actors have done it all. Sometimes, some of them really shine through and leave us all gobsmacked at how freaking gorgeous they look.

Today we found one such example for this gorgeousness- Sana Javed.

The actor posed for designer, Fahad Hussayn’s, latest bridal collection.

Source: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram


This collection is extra special for Fahad Hussayn and it marks 10 years of the brand. 

Source: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram


It’ called ‘Agnikot’ and features Sana are the main character in the plot of the shoot. 

Clearly, Fahad Hussayn and his team put a lot of thought into this campaign as it is a very important one. ‘Agnikot’ is described as a ‘metaphysical land of grandeur and celebration’, and the clothes and photoshoot ooze that idea.

Source: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram


Sana takes our breath away in each one of these shots!

Source: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram


There was even a video snippet of Sana, which was clearly in line with the whole aesthetic sense of the shoot. 


The basic premise of the shoot is that a girl from ‘Agnikot’, Aayat (Sana Javed) is getting married, and the campaign follows her entire wedding festivities, in all its glitz and glam. 

There are even shots from the ‘wedding’, and they’re equally jaw-dropping. 

Source: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram


The minor details in this shoot are TO. DIE. FOR.

Source: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram


By far, my favorite shot is this haunting photo of Sana, all dolled up for the ‘wedding’. 

Also, can we talk about the open fire just on the side?

Source: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram


She truly looks like such a QUEEN in this entire shoot. 

Source: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram


The entire collection screams ‘old world charm’ but it definitely has a few touches of modern design and you know what, we’re loving it.

Which one of Sana’s looks is your favorite?

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Cover Photo Courtesy: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram

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