After She Became National News, Dua Mangi Made A Powerful Statement At Aurat March With Her Friend

By Sana Yasmeen | 10 Mar, 2020

Dua Mangi came to Aurat March with her friend who put his life on the line for her

Aurat March has brought together people from all fields of life for the support of a common agenda that demands an environment of equality and harmony among all genders of this society. Allowing everyone to come forward and speak up for what they believe in, Aurat March has, thus, become a platform for allowing healthy debate.


Aurat March 2020 generated a lot of interest and debate among people of all walks of life

While there were many who were immediately scared of women trying to demand their rightful liberties and space in public life, many others showed their support for the March.


Dua Mangi came to Aurat March with Haris Soomro on her side, who put his life on the line trying to help her

Dua Mangi, as you might remember, is the young lady who became national news after she was abducted from outside a chai dhaaba while out with friends one evening in Karachi.

She was found participating in Aurat March 2020 with Haris Soomro wheeling beside her. She held a placard against the culture of ‘victim-blaming’ and marched against the injustices of the judgments of this society towards the victims of abuse and trauma.

Source: All Pakistan Drama Page Official / Facebook

The appearance of Dua Mangi at Aurat March is even more important because of how her story reveals the injustice done to women and their bodies

Her friend Haris Soomro, who accompanied Dua at the March held in Karachi over the past Sunday, was shot while trying to save her and has currently become wheelchair bound, for now.


Despite the traumatic experience that she and her family went through, Dua was criticized for getting kidnapped

During that tough time, many ‘self-righteous’ people resorted to blaming Dua Mangi and called her abduction very ‘deserving’ for she was out at night or the fact that she wore “western” clothing, therefore she was the one – in these people’s twisted logic – to be blamed for getting kidnapped.


Even after her return, questions were raised regarding Dua herself being responsible for wht she was kidnapped


This is why Dua Mangi and Haris Soomro at Aurat March definitely made an important statement against violence against women in Pakistan

The statement made by Dua to march alongside her friend who tried to save her and put his own life on the line, is a strong one against the violence that women in Pakistan, and around the world, face.

Source: Upcoming_new / Facebook

Seeing both of them stand against the injustice against women and victim blaming they suffer at the hands of our society and still choosing to fight for what they believe in despite their trauma makes my little heart leap with joy. Here’s to more brave women and men who keep on fighting the good fight.


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Cover image: Dua Mangi via Facebook / All Pakistan Drama Page Official via Facebook

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