Aurat March In Islamabad Was Attacked By Lal Masjid Goons But The Amazing Women Scared Them Away

By Noor | 9 Mar, 2020

Aurat Marchi in Islamabad clashed with the mullahs

It’s been three years since people from all different walks of life have been coming together to celebrate Aurat March each year and try to get the word out about the dangers of patriarchy. Thankfully, this year around they’ve struck a nerve but at the same time this has attracted some unwanted critics.


Aurat March 2020 began with enthusiasm and an objective to celebrate womanhood

Colourful posters and energetic slogans were to be seen/heard everywhere in the march.


Unfortunately, unlike the beautiful start of the march, something really dreadful happened to try to sabotage Aurat March in Islamabad

While the people in Islamabad marched, they encountered the counter-rally that was organized by members of the infamous Lal masjid, who began throwing stones at the Aurat March.


Because of the heavy stone pelting by the goons, Aurat March in Islamabad even had to be stopped temporarily

Attackers did not hold back against the police who were trying to provide security and bring about order to the situation and it is further reported that verbal chants of abuse and vulgarity was also spewed by the conservative goons.


According to eyewitnesses, the situation got extremely uncontrollable even leading to injuries

Because of the stampede and the tussle caused by the conservative goons, many of the participants of the March dispersed and left the rally in order to save themselves.


However, it is thanks to the bravery of the people at Aurat March in Islamabad that the attackers were scared away


On the other hand, Lal Masjid members claim that members of Aurat March were the ones who started the stone pelting


Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that Lal Masjid goons have carried out their threats

They have been making attempts to antagonize Aurat March members even before the March yesterday.


It’s about time that our society realizes that divergent perspectives cannot be a reason to attack anyone. Disagreeing with someone’s stance on a particular issue cannot be treated as a chance to disrespect them. Moreover, for centuries now, women have been suffering at the hands of men who try to scare them into silence and subjugation all around the world. With changing times, thanks to the support they’ve developed for themselves, it’s harder than ever to try to scare women into silence.


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