Lahore High Court Just Threw Out The Petition Trying To Block Aurat March 2020

By Erum Shaikh | 3 Mar, 2020

The petition to block Aurat March 2020 has been thrown out

Given controversy over Aurat March every year, a petition to stop Aurat March 2020, filed in late February, had gained a lot of notoriety recently.


Today, Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court disposed of a petition filed against Aurat March  2020

To the relief of organizers and participants across Pakistan the LHC stated that under the constitution of Pakistan the March cannot be stopped.

Chief Justice Mamoon Rashid Sheikh, in his verdict stated that, “freedom of association is a fundamental right”. He further directed law enforcement agencies to provide security to the participants. He also went on to say that the marchers should “refrain from hate speech and immorality”.


Aurat March 2020 has been a source of controversy for the past few weeks

From making terrible parody accounts to petitions being filed in court, and even death threats to women– opponents of the March have tried their very best to put as many roadblocks ahead of March 8, as possible.


Even major political parties have gotten involved in the debate around the right of women to march

There has even been vocal criticism directed toward the March by religious factions and conservative political parties. Because of such vocal criticism and the organizers of the Aurat March asking for support from authorities and leading voices to help them exercise their constitutional right, some politicians have shown their support for the March.


The petition, filed by Judicial Activism Council Chairman Azhar Siddique, alleged that the March was “against the norms of Islam,” adding that it had a “hidden agenda” and would only serve to spread “vulgarity and hatred”. The petition further stated that “there are various anti-state parties present who are funding this Aurat March with the sole purpose of spreading anarchy amongst the masses”. In light of this, Advocate Siddique had asked the LHC promulgate the Acts mentioned in the petition to “silence the advertisement of Aurat March on social media and to regulate protests such as the Aurat March”.

Needless to say, this petition to block the Aurat March being disposed off is a win for everyone’s freedom.


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Cover image via: Reuters/Mohsin Raza

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