38 Of The Most Powerful Aurat March 2020 Posters That You Absolutely Have To See

By Noor | 9 Mar, 2020

These Aurat March 2020 posters are 🔥🔥🔥

So, as you know by now how Aurat March 2020 was the highlight of the celebration of women international day in Pakistan, yesterday. While a lot of folks are still overwhelmed by the glorious event that just took place, we at MangoBaaz have cherry-picked some of the wonderful posters from the March to summarize the struggle and demands of the ladies.

Dare to keep up? Keep scrolling.


1. Aurat March 2020 posters addressed hypocritical attitudes of men toward womxn


2. They challenged society’s long held double standards


3. Aurat March 2020 posters also took patriarchy head on


4. And displayed how loud and proud women are


5. “Mein azaad paida hui thi”


6. Aurat March 2020 posters proved ke samjhnay walon kay liye ‘ishara’ he kaafi hai


7. Say NO to dowry

Source: @SirJohnRoe/Twitter


8. Daughters can have choices too and there are parents who help them exercise those choices freely


9. They also have a right to inheritance


10. Aurat March 2020 posters also challenged the long held misconception that these womxn are challenging religion by marching for their rights


11. And they raised their voices for womxn of all religious backgrounds


12. Girls just want FUN(damental human rights)

Source: @zofeen28/Twitter


13. These posters asked the important questions




15. And they made sure to highlight important demands by these womxn

like equal pay for equal work


16. Saying NO to marital rape

Source: @froza_ahmed/Twitter


17. Stopping unnecessary taxes on menstrual products which are a necessity for women


18. Stopping slut-shaming and victim-blaming

Source: @froza_ahmed/Twitter


19. They shared how womxn want protection from physical and verbal abuse

Source: @froza_ahmed/Twitter


20. And most importantly


21. A womxn’s right to autonomy on her own body


22. In fact, everyone should get to decide what happens to their body, for themselves

Source: @froza_ahmed/Twitter


23. Male allies took to the streets to show support to the ladies


24. They spoke up against domestic violence


25. And the creepy male gaze


26. Men of quality do not fear equality


27. Dear girls, your mothers are with you

Source: @KomzHolmes/Twitter


28. And they shared how they’re paving the way for their children


29. It wasn’t just mothers, whole families came out together


30. People called out color shaming and the obsession with gora pan

Source: @kiamusibathai/Twitter


31. Womxn who couldn’t make it to the actual march because of whatever reason also made their contribution

Like this one from Cambodia who couldn’t join because she was far away.


32. It was such a beautiful group of empowering individuals


33. Faasla rakhien warna feminism ho jaye ga

Source: @kiamusibathai/Twitter


34. She just wants to become a member of the society, is that too much to ask for?

Source: @anguish_feast/Twitter


35. The posters also called out the infatuation among men to ask women to put on dupatta


36. Stop scanning my body like an X-ray machine


37. Respect your servants

Source: @ajwahnadeem1/Twitter


38. Basically


So, which one of these amazing Aurat March 2020 posters is your favorite and why? If you’ve got more posters to share that we might have missed drop them in our inbox.


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Cover image: @vastaasim via Instagram / @sajeershaikh via Instagram / @ikrasaleemkhan via Instagram

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