People Are Extremely Worried After A Girl Was Kidnapped Near A Popular Chai Dhaba In Karachi

By Sana Yasmeen | 1 Dec, 2019

The ever-growing concern regarding one’s safety and protection is not a new problem. However, a recent horrifying event – where a girl was kidnapped near a popular chai dhaba in Karachi, and her friend was shot – has led people to be extremely concerned.

Last night, in DHA Karachi, a girl was abducted by four armed men and her friend was shot, leaving him critically injured.

Dua Mangi was abducted from near the famousChai Master by four armed men who also injured her friend, Haris Fatah.

Haris is in a critical condition at the moment whereas there’s been no knowledge about Dua’s whereabouts.

Dua’s family took to social media to plead for help and people immediately began passing the word around.

People were extremely shocked and disturbed by the whole situation.

People have been unable to register and cope with the news of the disturbing abduction and thus turned to Twitter to express their sentiments.

Some people resorted to blaming the concept of ‘feminism’ and the victim, which is truly awful.

People also retaliated to ‘victim-blaming’ in this case through their Twitter accounts.

WHY do people think that for any heinous crime committed against someone, the victim might be responsible? Or that the crime can be, in any way, justified by criticizing the lifestyle or beliefs of the victim? It’s downright shameful to even imply that the victim is at fault in any way.

Others ended up pointing fingers at the media industry of Pakistan.

I…What? Can we not focus on the issue at hand instead of starting conspiracy theories?

Overall, though, people strongly condemned the crime and demanded justice.


This news has shaken many people to their core. We are all praying for Dua Mangi’s safe return and for Haris to regain his health.


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