After Protest By Residents Over Karachi Flooding, Cantonment Board Clifton Authorities Finally Decided To Clean Up… The Sign Boards

By Janita Tahir | 2 Sep, 2020

The recent rains in Karachi have proven to be disastrous for the city as many areas are still experiencing severe flooding. These miserable conditions frustrated the citizens to no end as they took to social media and the streets in protest against the Cantonment Board Clifton. Localities like DHA and Clifton were particularly in an uproar voicing their problems and urging the authorities to take action.


After strong protests by residents of DHA Karachi and Cantonment Board Clifton, authorities have finally started to clean up but not the water

Recently, the CBC took to Facebook to post pictures of their people in action, trying to get across the message that they were hard at work. Among those pictures, were several images of CBC workers cleaning signboards. This backfired as DHA residents lashed out at how CBC was wasting time when more important issues needed attention.

Cleaning of Road Direction Sign Boards.01-09-2020

Gepostet von Cantonment Board Clifton – CBC am Montag, 31. August 2020


People couldn’t believe this was how CBC put their resources to work

With half of the locality submerged in water that is growing pungent and gathering mosquitos as time goes by, people having their houses filled with water and their appliances damaged, garbage accumulating and contaminating the entire area- surely, CBC has better tasks to perform than cleaning the dust off of signboards.

Cantonement Board Clifton under fire
Via: Facebook


Some people thought this was all a ploy to frustrate the residents further

Many people were angered by this post because they felt like it was a horrible joke. While they were stuck inside their homes, without electricity and unable to navigate the flooded streets, the authorities were wasting time doing mundane things and posting about it. People questioned the sense behind uploading posts like these at such a crucial time where everyone affected feels so sensitive due to the miserable circumstances.

Cantonement Board Clifton under fire
Via: Facebook


People have taken to social media to criticize the Cantonment Board as they lose faith in the authorities

While CBC has posted several more pictures of them taking significant action since then, people continue to lose their faith in the authorities. They are at their wit’s ends because of the situation and demand more swift solutions for the recurring problems.


The CEO of the Cantonment Board Clifton has also been criticized, in particular, and has been asked to resign

At a meeting with the protestors, the CEO of the Cantonment Board Clifton was met with ire. They criticized him for being inefficient and demanded his resignation.

As conditions continue to worsen with no visible improvement, the residents of DHA become increasingly more frustrated. Swift and organized action is what is needed to better the situation. What are your thoughts on these recent events?


Cover Image: Cantonment Board Clifton – CBC via Facebook /

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