21 Things That Happened in Ramazan 2015

21 Things That Happened in Ramazan 2015

21 Things That Happened in Ramazan 2015

Ramazan is almost upon us. Last year was a whirlwind, it came and went, just like it does every year. Not only is Ramazan a holy month, but it’s also quite an eventful one.

In preparation for this year, here’s a recap of all that happened this past Ramazan:


1. Amir Liaqat went back to being a rockstar.

Source: Tune.pk


2. Other TV show hosts tried to follow in Amir Liaqat’s footsteps.

Source: allinfo.pk


3. Komal Rizvi took a selfie with Edhi and everyone went crazy.

Source: Emirates247


4. The Shan commercial was played on TV every other minute.

Source: Dailymotion

5. News channels became paparazzi and followed Ayyan Ali wherever she went after her release from Adiala Jail.

Source: geo tv


6. The heat was unbearable.

Source: The Nation


7. The media hyped up Bin Roye throughout the whole month.

Source: Wikipedia

8. The government failed to deliver on its promise of electricity.

Source: newstribe


9. All the restaurants had over-priced iftaris and buffets.

Source: Tumblr


10. Most people in Pakistan didn’t go to sleep till after Sehri.

Source: Tumblr


11. Most Pakistani professionals had a good excuse to come to work late and leave early.

Source: gifsoup


12. The people who thought they would lose weight this Ramzan, actually gained a few kilos.

Source: Giphy


13. The Masjids started seeing a higher attendance.

Source: Travelpod


14. People couldn’t get over the Kit Kat Telcum Powder advert.

Source: siasat.pk


15. Cute kids turned into devout muslims.

Source: 4gifs

16. Katrina and Deepika were replaced by naat singing Maulvis.

junaid Source: Youtube

17. Pak-China fraandship became stronger.

Pak-China Source: Pakistan Today


18. Pakistanis and Kashmiris got upset with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over his friendliness with Mr. Modi.

Source: Indian Express

19. Mangoes were consumed in most fruit chaats. Yum!

Source: insider.pk


20. Porn searches in Pakistan went to all time low.

The numbers drastically changed on Chaand Raat, though.

Source: pfaltzbauer


21. NASA was able to get images of Pluto, while Ruet-e-Hilal yet again had difficulty finding the moon.

Source: geo tv


We hope you enjoyed your Ramazan last year. Let us know in the comments section if we missed something.

How are you looking to welcome Ramazan this year?

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