Mumtaz Qadri and Ayyan Ali Tie the Knot

Mumtaz Qadri and Ayyan Ali Tie the Knot

Mumtaz Qadri and Ayyan Ali Tie the Knot

This week something unusual and unsuspecting occurred in Adiala Jail, Usually a place which thrives on rapists and murderers giving each other a good time. Mumtaz Qadri, the man responsible for Salman Taseer’s assasination tied the knot with supermodel Ayyan Ali, who’s also in Adiala Jail on alleged charges of money laundering.

When Ayyan was asked about the wedding, she had this to say,

“I feared for my safety among so many policemen and inmates – I needed protection. And besides, if I was a supermodel outside jail, then Mumtaz is a superstar here. What can be more perfect then this? Also my case isn’t going anywhere so a girls got to eat you know. “


Source: Urdu Wire

Above: Ayyan dresses in white and is accompanied by her lawyers while on her way to file for Nikkah in the court.

Source: Dawn

Reports claim Ayyan also had a magnum before going to the court


Since the wedding, Ayyan also reportedly decided to wear burka in jail. She said that this country has had a burka avenger – now it’s time to for a burka model.

Here’s Ayyan after the Nikkah:

Source: Tales of the Veils


When Mumtaz was approached on the matter, he had this to say,

“Ayyan, like any other girl is a Muslim sister to me. When I got to know of her troubles and her beauty, her hair, her lips… (he was lost for a bit), I had no option but to do what every devoted Muslim does when he sees his sister in trouble: Nikkofy/Marry her!”

According to the Police Staff, Mumtaz also took a shower and brushed his teeth for this occasion – a rare sight for Adiala Police Staff. The prison inmates also threw a bachelor party for Mumtaz Qadri in the shower room.

Source: Dawn

Above: Mumtaz greeted with flowers as he goes to file for Nikkah.


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Above: Mumtaz Qadri moaning with excitement in anticipation of his wedding night.


Ayyan reportedly also fell in love with Qadri’s smile, which at times has creeped out of lizards and kids alike, but to her it’s a ray of sunshine; sunshine that is more likely to burn your eyes but sunshine nonetheless.

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Above: Mumtaz Qadri’s iconic “Come here you, I have a candy for you” smile.


Mumtaz and Ayyan are also planning to release a new single by the end of Ramadan as well, inside Adaylla jail titled Shoot Him While He’s Not Lookin- a MashAllah Love Story – based on Mumtaz’s life. When asked about producing an album inside a jail, the Adiala Jail administration said that the jail used to only have murderers and thugs. Now they have a supermodel too so a logical step would be to diversify and evolve – basically make a music video and later on maybe a lawn line too.

The ceremony was kept really small and private. After the ceremony the inmates hugged each other and went on to congratulate the bride and groom in their respective sections (male and female). All the inmates were chanting loudly “Hum sab ki bhabhi, Ayyan Bhabbi Ayyan Bhabbi”.

Despite there being happiness inside Adiala Jail, there was also sorrow, especially in the eyes of the policemen who had vowed to protect Ayyan and her assets. When one of the police men at Adiala Jail was approached, he mentioned on a condition of anonymity that he was fine with the marriage but felt Ayyan should have considered others as well since all the policemen had already invested a lot in keeping her happy – from providing new shirts, brushing her hair to making sure she was able to shower everyday.

Source: VOA

Above: Like minded intellects celebrating the joyous occasion


Several reports claim Reham Khan wasn’t too happy about the marriage as she thinks only one celebrity wedding should be allowed once a year.

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