19 Unforgettably Iconic Things That Happened In This Decade

By Hafsa Ahmad | 28 Dec, 2019

With 2019, this unforgettably iconic decade comes to an end. So it’s time we throw it back to see what the roller coaster ride looked like.

1. Amir Liaquat became a social media sensation

Source: Kabhi Aao Na Khushboo Laga K Via Facebook


2. Altaf Bhai became an icon

With that magical voice, he’s bound to be one.

Source: mangoolog.com

3. People went crazy over Ayesha Sana’s “bright karain isse

4. The national treasure that is the “axcuse me aap bhi” guy became viral 

axcuse me4
Source: Waseem Hassan Sheikh

5. Sahir Lodhi was an entertainment staple

Source: News One PK

6. (Now PM) Imran Khan’s dharnas became a 4-month long party 

Abrar Ul Haq’s concerts and poondi, almost a better combination than chai and sutta. ALMOST.

source: Giphy

7. Ludo Star games became late-night dates for a lot of us

Let’s face it, we’ve all been up till morning playing this game with our crush.

source: ludostar.com

8. That stupid blue whale game threatened lives.

Via: Twitter

9. Ali Gul Pir came out with his masterpiece, “Waderay Ka Beta

‘Remember the time when this was on everyone’s playlist?

10. Meera ji and Tapu Javeri bonded over “photography”


11. Mathira had us all going “aur aur aur

Source: style.pk

12. Humsafar came out and Fawad Khan become our dilon ki dharkan

Remember when all of Pakistan was glued to their TV every Saturday at 8 pm? The Humsafar craze was real. With Fawad Khan becoming the first pyar for so many of us, Humsafar parodies too kicked in and uff good times.

Source: Disney Films

13. Veena Malik had the ghairat brigade going crazy

Almost in the beginning of the decade, Veena Malik left Pakistan SHOOK with her photoshoot.

source: xclusivetouch.co.uk

14. Tahir Shah changed the game for Pakistan’s music industry

Tahir Shah blessed us with ‘Eye To Eye’ in 2013 and just three years later, released another masterpiece, ‘Angel’ and I swear I have never heard anything better since.

source: tribune.com.pk

15. YouTube got banned and the ban was lifted 3 whole years later

Remember the time when everyone had proxies in their phones and no one got judged?

Source: youtube.com

16. People started making games based on Gullu Butt

source: tribune.com.pk

17. Waqar Zaka got into a phadda and people couldn’t stop asking “Boss mene aapko bola kya hai?”

Source: Waqar Zaka

18. ‘Bol’ shook us all to the core

Source: GEO Films

19. Lastly, India waged war against our trees while their captain sipped tea in Pakistan’s custody

Source: nationalpost.com

Obviously, this iconic decade was A LOT. So cheers to that, and here’s hoping that we experience more iconic moments in the coming decade. What did we leave out? Let us know in the comments.


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