A New Video Of TikTok Star Hareem Shah Has Leaked & This Time It's With Sheikh Rashid

By Hafsa Ahmad | 27 Dec, 2019

Hareem Shah and Sheikh Rashid in a weird video is the new low I never expected to see

Hareem Shah has gotten really famous, mainly because of her controversies and her frequent appearance with political figures. She has yet again found herself at the center of a new video scandal. This time it’s with the Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid.


Hareem Shah and Sheikh Rashid are now embroiled in a new controversy when a Twitter account, claiming to be Hareem Shah released a video

In the video, a woman, alleged to be Hareem Shah, can be seen talking to Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid and then calling him out for chatting with her in the past without clothes. As soon as the woman utters those words the video call is cut from Sheikh Rashid’s end.


The same account that posted the video seemed to be confused about what was going on when the media began reporting on the leak


And then another statement, this time with a video of Hareem Shah happened that appeared to hint at the controversy that had happened after the video leak


People have started pointing out that the account is a fake, since Hareem herself has made it clear multiple times that she’s not on Twitter


Earlier, another Twitter account claiming to be Hareem Shah was involved in a video leak of cricketer Shaheen Afridi

But Hareem had denied that she was the one running that other Twitter account.

Source: cricktracker.com


After the video leak with Sheikh Rashid, Hareem appeared with her friend Sundal Khattak to clarify that while she doesn’t have any connection with the leak, the video of the call with Sheikh Rashid is real

When the entire story got a tad too confusing, Waqar Zaka stepped in because that’s what he does best. Hareem and Sundal Khattak spilled some major tea about the controversy.

According to them Sheikh Rashid had asked them to meet him during the video call and they recorded the call in case of any threat to their security but they never uploaded it. They also made it clear that since they are PTI supporters and are loyal to their party, they might expose some hypocrites sooner or later.



Hareem Shah again clarified that she has no social media presence on platforms other than TikTok and Instagram

She explained in her interview with Waqar Zaka that she is not to be held responsible for whatever happens because of the Twitter account because it is not hers.

You can watch the interview here:



Okay so Hareem seems to be controversy’s favorite child. There are so many questions in my mind. Who really leaked the video Will there be another climax? Should we be prepared for another plot twist? WTF is Sheikh Rashid doing video calling her anyway? Can’t wait for more on this, honestly.


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