13 Gems By Aamir Liaquat That Make Him The King Of Ramazan Transmissions Every Year

By Noor | 31 May, 2019

Aamir Liaquat and Ramazan ka choli daman ka sath hai

Aamir bhai is always in the news for his TV appearances, particularly his Ramazan transmissions are the most awaited event of the year. Well, there have been certain moments in those shows that are being missed by many and we all can’t just get them out of the head SO here’s a list of ALL those moments featuring Aamir bhai:


1. Of course, the first in line is when Aamir Liaquat gave Ramazan entertainment a whole new meaning recently


2. That moment when Aamir bhai revealed that the secret of his beauty is Sanam Baloch ka pyaar say dekhna


3. When Aamir bhai gave valuable tips to Meera jee for becoming a sughar bahu


4. When “Aamir bhai, kaash aap meray walid hotay” happened 


5. When Aamir Liaquat took a dive but his Ramazan ratings took a jump


6. When he blessed the world with his famous aam khayega aam wala dialogue


7. When Aamir bhai got a little too excited… uff 😉 


8. That other time when Aamir bhai got very excited… wah, wah


9. When he had his very famous conversation with Angel Tahir Shah


10. When we all saw Aamir bhai’s hilarious dance moves on a perfect Bollywood song


11. When he even auditioned people for the Naagin dance


12. When even Waseem Badami trolled Aamir bhai over his love for the film Ghalib

We all know that in the past, Aamir bhai was involved in a controversy related to film Ghalib and here’s a subtle mention of it by Waseem.


13. And that time when we got this very famous Dubsmash by Aamir Liaquat

It is basically a Shahrukh khan dialogue beautifully delivered by Aamir bhai, who said ” Hum shareef kya huey, puri duniya he badmaash hogayi.”

So, do you remember all these videos by our very own Aamir Liaquat bhai during Ramazan shows? Which one of these gems your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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