Aamir Liaquat Proposed To His Wife During His Ramazan Show And It Was Actually Pretty Sweet

By Aam Nawab | 31 May, 2019


Aamir Liaquat basically proposed to his wife on his Ramazan show and it was actually pretty sweet.

Look at this picture man, too sweet.

We all know Liaquat to be somewhat out of the box. The Television host has done his fair share of antics on screen and off to establish his own name and boy, oh boy has he given us entertainment over the years.

And for Ramazan this year, Liaquat made his way to PTV where he has been hosting his own Ramazan show, Hamara Ramazan. Except for this year, he hasn’t been quite on his own…

Aamir Liaquat put a ring on his wife’s finger during a live Ramazan transmission, and it was actually pretty sweet.

Syeda Tuba Aamir, Liaquat’s second wife has been making appearances on PTV right by her husbands’ side on his show. However, in a recent transmission, it seems Tuba got a surprise that she wasn’t even anticipating.

Liaquat basically proposed to her all over again and live for the world to see. Aamir was in the middle of a discussion with his guests which also included Tuba, when he got on his knee. It was super random but super sweet to see the look of surprise on Tuba’s face. He also got her necklace so plus points for knowing what a girl wants hehe.

People all over social media have been talking about the moment and loving how sweet it was to see.


When a girl gets married, it’s pretty much a done deal. No more proposes, no more weddings, no more big day for the bride shenanigans. So seeing Tuba basically get proposed to again was super sweet and heartwarming. Not a bad pick me up to help keep us going in the last couple of days of Ramazan!

Have you seen the newest on Liaquat? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: Metronome Via Facebook

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