Aamir Liaquat Made An Appearance With His Wife Amidst Rumors Of Him Being Fired And You've GOT To Watch It

By Fatima A | 12 May, 2019

Is our Ramazan even complete unless we see Aamir Liaquat on our TV screens? Probably not. And as we all know, there were rumors afloat recently that he was fired from his PTV show. It didn’t help, given he began tweeting some ominous stuff, hinting that stuff’s about to get messy.

However, these speculations were put to rest after he clarified that he would not be able to host due to health-related reasons, but would still be seen by viewers during the Iftar transmission.

In his first appearance onscreen after these rumors, Aamir Liaqat was joined onscreen by his wife, Tuba Amir, during a cooking segment on a show.

He explained that the rare appearance of his wife onscreen with him was not a planned sequence, but rather an impromptu decision that occurred after his wife asked him what he was cooking that smelled so good.

Tuba greeted the audience and then went on to jokingly complain that Aamir’s never made the dish he was cooking on the show for her yet. Amir then went on to reply playfully, ” Abhi tak shaadi ko din hi kitnay huay hain?” He then went on to list all the food that he has made for Tuba to date.

While preparing the dish, Aamir Liaquat also revealed that he hasn’t taught Tuba how to cook food yet.

He elaborated by saying that “Har aik ka aik daur hota hai, aik umar.” Moreover, he explained that the things he does know how to do well, he does them. He followed this up by giving the audience details of the work his wife does as well.

Aamir Liaquat also revealed that since the last five years, Tuba has been working to reunite lost children with their families.

He applauded Tuba for her work and then also went on to thank PTV for allowing him to discuss the segment where he publicizes lost children on television in the hopes that they may return to their families. He also revealed that Tuba doesn’t enjoy being onscreen and instead handles all the offscreen work to make this reunification process a possibility.

Source: Aamir Liaqat Channel/Youtube

As the show progressed, Aamir Liaquat asked his wife to say a few words about him.

Tuba started off by acknowledging that although on screen, Aamir always gives credit to her and the other members of the team for their work put in for the segment about the aforementioned lost children, none of it would be possible without his own voice. She justified this by saying that God has blessed Aamir with an effective ability to converse which is why people tune in to watch him and children are found. She ended her monologue by saying that she prays that Allah blesses Aamir with more success and that she hopes he gets even further ahead in life.

Source: Amir Liaqat Channel/Youtube

You can watch it here:


Does this segment make you see the couple in a new light? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


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