An Indian Nuclear Submarine Sank Because Of A Silly Mistake And Pakistanis Can't Hold Back The Trolling

By Noor | 11 May, 2019

Since ages, the Indo-Pak bond has been dominated by its antagonistic nature which has proliferated the arms race in the South-Asian region. Both of the countries have eagerly wanted to gain superiority in terms of arms over the other. Amidst the arms race, India lost one of its most valuable assets.

An Indian nuclear submarine suffered major damage due to ‘human error’

The submarine sank because of the negligence of the Indian Navy. This particular submarine was immensely important for the Indian Navy because it had the capability to stay undetected deep underwater for long periods of time. It was the MOST dependable platform for a second strike as the other options like land/sea based are easier to detect.

Source: @Adnaneng007/Twitter

The nuclear submarine sank because someone forgot to close its hatch… Yep.

Source: Deedle Dee Productions

Sources stated that “water rushed in as a hatch on the rear side was left open by mistake while the submarine was at the harbor.” This all happened shortly after the submarine’s launch and since then it has been undergoing repairs and cleaning.


Modern submarines are different due to their intricate designs and complex functionality. Thus they need to be dealt with more care. In this case, a very simple mistake led to BIG trouble. The submarine was worth $2.9 billion and now it’s not in working order, all due to negligence.

Although this accident had occurred a year before, the conversation seems to be picking up now.

The accident occurred shortly after the launch of the submarine and the sources from the Indian Navy have finally stated that the submarine has not sailed now for more than 10 months. It has been revealed by some sources that it has been two years and it seems that the Indian nuclear submarine is beyond repair.


As soon as the news got out, people were not able to hold themselves back and came up with different jokes. Apnay Jeremy bhai pehle aye

And when he received flak for it, he trolled people back

A few even thanked Major Adnan Sami for his efforts

We’re still doing this? Okay. Cool.

The entire situation got pretty embarrassing for the Indian Navy as they were mocked all over the social media

They were termed “incapable.”

I mean, not really doing yourselves a lot of favors with such errors, but khairpurani news relevant hogayi phir se. What’s your take on it? Let us know in the comments.


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