India Is Trying To Ban PUBG And Honestly I'm Praying Really Hard Pakistan Doesn’t Get Inspired By It

By Owais Bin Asad | 11 May, 2019

The possibility of a PUBG ban in India is scary

At this point, if you do not know what PUBG is, you really need to stop living under that proverbial rock of yours. Like, thora sa bhi nahi pata? Alright, before I get into it, here’s a recap of what on God’s good earth PUBG is.


PUBG or PlayerUnkown’s Battle Grounds is an online battle-royale style shooter game and honestly it is LIFE

Source: PUBG Corporation

Produced by the Korean video game company Bluehole, it was first released to the public in March of 2017. The game was inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale and it took the world by storm!

So, basically you’re dropped onto a map using a parachute and the whole map is filled with weapons and other equipment. All you have to do is to survive, that’s literally it. Up to a hundred people can be dropped onto the same island/map and the purpose is to kill everyone else to victory. You can imagine how it goes after that.


Ever since it’s release in 2017, PUBG has become the modern-day Counter-Strike 1.6


Remember playing Counter-Strike 1.6 or Counter-Strike Source? Yeah, well times have changed and kids now are playing this game. The consequent release to mobile platforms including iOS and Android in 2018 caused a massive increase in the game’s active audience. Everyone has a smartphone, an internet connection, and the will to not be productive. Tada!


So, recently in India the game’s addiction really started to cause some trouble


Kids and young adults all across India have been playing this game to the point that it has become an addiction! Recently, news surfaced of two people getting hit by a train because they were too focused on playing PUBG near the tracks. This is absolutely horrible. In Hyderabad, a 9-year-old was prescribed medication by a psychologist for their PUBG addiction


Taking these events and others like these into consideration, the National Commission For Protection Of Child Rights (NCPCR) of India just recommended a ban on PUBG

Now, was a ban necessary? Considering the events that have happened in the past, I guess so. Nothing is really more important than human life. Following suit, various cities in India imposed a partial or complete ban on the game.


In Maharashtra, PUBG was banned on WiFi servers so students don’t play the game during classes or when they need to study. Gujrat imposed a complete ban on the game. Police arrested a few students for playing the game after the ban was imposed in Rajkot (a place in Gujrat)! Other places where the game is banned include Surat, Vadodara, Bhavnagar, and Gir Somnath.


Playing the apparently game causes hyper-aggression and the results can be seen all over the internet.

Here’s one such example, take a look:

What do you think of the ban? Do you think the ban was necessary in light of recent events? Or do you think that the ban is just the government acting too much on a small issue? Let me know in the comments below.


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