Saboor Aly Has Just Responded After Massive Backlash Over Her Mockery Of A ‘Window Cleaner'

By Sarmad Amer | 11 May, 2019

Saboor Aly just responded about the window cleaner controversy but the people are not having it


Actress Saboor Aly recently came under fire for her latest Instagram story where she was found making fun of a man cleaning windows.

Source: @sabooraly/Instagram


Her Instagram story went viral and she came under massive criticism for making jokes that came across as extremely insensitive and reeking of privilege

In her video, Saboor can be heard making jokes about the window cleaning man doing his job, along with fellow actress Saheefa Jabbar Khattak. Actor Affan Waheed was heard trying to deflect the conversation away from mockery and people appreciated him.

Saboor has become a top trend in Pakistan. Also notice, Affan, is also trending.

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Following massive criticism, it was stated that the actress was just making fun of her “friend”

As soon as people starting criticizing the actress for making fun of a person doing what was perceived because of the video as a “menial” job, clarification came in that the person wasn’t a window cleaner but an Associate Director of the TV show Saboor was on the sets of and he was a friend of hers.


And now, Saboor has made a statement in her defence

The actress goes on to defend her video which was without context for “benefit of the doubt”. She’s calling out social media “warriors” for creating this whole situation for followers, likes and engagement.

Talk about being tone deaf.


Fortunately, the public isn’t getting deluded by her lack of a genuine apology

Source: @sabooraly / Instagram


People on her post have responded with telling her regardless of something being an inside joke, the video she put out gives off a very negative perception to impressionable minds. 

Source: @sabooraly / Instagram


Some are also accusing her of using religion for her personal gain.

Source: @sabooraly / Instagram


Source: @sabooraly / Instagram


This person even asked her to make a follow up video with the Associate Director “friend” of hers and allowing him the chance to say what she’s defending herself for

Source: @sabooraly / Instagram


Saboor, and I say this with genuine affection, you need to change your PR team immediately because they should have taught you better

Learn from the Samaa TV anchor Muhammad Shuaeb who, after public backlash, immediately apologized to Nasir Khan Jan for his horrible behavior. In doing so, Shuaeb managed to nib the criticism in the bud and changed the whole tone of the conversation toward how impressive his response of remorse was.


You should have, even if just for the sake of public perception and no actual genuine remorse, also apologized and promised to do better in the future. Also, the thing is, even if that person is your friend and you’re free to say or do whatever you want to within the safe space of your personal circle, what you put in the public space matters. Being an actress, a social media celebrity and someone with massive influence, putting out a video, without context, making fun of someone’s work and “mocking” them for ending up doing a “menial” job not only reeks of extreme classist attitude, it is plain unacceptable.

Saboor, you are free to say whatever you want to but please be mindful of what you’re putting out in the public. This is the social media age. If you don’t want to be perceived as something you’re not, then don’t put that out on the internet.


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