This Molvi Just Received A Brutal Chitrol By Women For Inappropriate Behavior With Little Girls

By Manahil | 11 May, 2019

Recently, a video was tweeted by Canadian journalist, Tarek Fatah, in which women were beating a Molvi for his alleged inappropriate conduct with girls while teaching them the Quran.

The 54-second video shows multiple women beating the Maulvi with chappals. In the background, men can be seen taking videos of the incident.

source: Tarek Fatah via Twitter

His beard was pulled – his face, body, and head were all hit.

source: Tarek Fatah via Twitter

And it didn’t stop until a woman said to the others, “bas”. The video itself does not reveal any specific date for the incident, and we’re not sure where it’s taken place.

However, people are happy with how the women treated the man.

It was highlighted that it doesn’t matter who you are – accountability must be the same across the board.

In fact, many agree that he deserved it for his alleged horrendous actions.

But it raises the discussion that, although this man was caught, there are many others who aren’t.

Every day, parents put their trust in these apparently learned men. Communities place their faith in them, and what do they get in return? While it’s inaccurate to generalize, the occurrence of such incidents does evoke a certain amount of anger and helplessness, especially since many such people have gotten away with their action.

People perhaps felt the same way, as they called for public punishments.

In times like these, it’s best to stay safe and not leave children alone with anyone that cannot be trusted. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments.



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Cover Image: Tarek Fatah/Vin Sinners via Twitter

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