Imran Ashraf Inspired Zahid Ahmed To Take On His Latest Role, And We Couldn't Be Happier

By Arslan Athar | 31 May, 2019

Zahid Ahmed is about to take on one of his most challenging roles ever. In a new drama called ‘Ishq Zahe Naseeb’, Zahid will be playing a character with a split personality disorder. His character’s name is Sameer/ Sameera; his character moves between both these personalities.


In an interview, Zahid Ahmed talked about how the challenge of playing this character pushed him to sign up for this drama.

He also talked about how he doesn’t want to look back on his career and have regrets over not doing enough or not being diverse. This role fits right in for his ‘wishlist’. Zahid wants to be in his profession and be unafraid while he’s there. He feels like life isn’t worth it if you’re always worried about ‘log kya kahenge ge’. Him taking on this role embodies just that.

In an Instagram post, Zahid Ahmed said that he is inspired by Imran Ashraf and his work. 

Specifically, he says, “A lot of people commented that Imran Ashraf has given inspiration to actors to play such characters and I absolutely agree. He is a phenomenal artist and only through such brave decisions can we improve the quality of our dramas!”

Source: @zahid.ahmed.official / Instagram


Imran Ashraf recently took on the role of Bhola in the hit TV drama, ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’. This role was challenging since Bhola is mentally challenged and sees the world in such a drastically different way. Imran Ashraf mastered that character, giving a lot of other the inspiration to take up bold roles. It’s a good sign that others are learning from Imran Ashraf’s character and acting and taking up bolder roles. Zahid Ahmed is right when he says that Imran Ashraf has led the way for other actors to take on unconventional roles in TV dramas, and this change in attitude is what will move the industry forward.

Imran Ashraf, himself, commented under Zahid Ahmed’s post and complimented the actor for his role.

Source: @zahid.ahmed.official / Instagram


Hasim Nadeem, the writer of ‘Ishq Zahe Naseeb’, has also talked about Zahid Ahmed’s character, giving us some important insight into the role. 

“There is a woman inside every man. In the case of Zahid’s character Sameer, the woman residing within him dominates him and influences him, whenever he begins to take interest in another woman. That woman is his best friend and his love as well.”



The show is going to air soon after Eid, so we have something new to look forward to as the festivities wind down. You can watch the OST for the drama if you can’t seem to control your excitement.


For now, we know that the show is coming out after Eid, but we don’t have a definite date yet.

Are you looking forward to the show?

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