VELO Sound Station Is Giving Us Fresh Pop Music And We're Fans, TBH

By MangoBaaz Studio | 28 Dec, 2019

It’s been a while since we’ve heard great music. Given the situation we’re in, we all need some form of musical release. VELO Sound Station took hold of this responsibility and it is striving to bring back pop music in the most intriguing way. Honestly, we are fans!

VELO Sound Station is a music platform showcasing new and diverse talent and creating masterpieces

It is doing fresh and successful musical experiments, delivering fresh pop music, and original songs as promised.

We’ve had a couple of outstanding performances this season, starting off with Atif Aslam’s fresh take on ‘Kadi Te Hans’

Atif’s vocals combined with the upbeat music gave everyone a reason to go gaga over this one.

Source: velosoundstation/Instagram

Aima Baig’s ‘Te Quiero Mucho’ was a cherry on top.

Aima Baig lit the stage on fire with her seductive performance of the Spanish song. Ladies and gentlemen, Aima Baig like never before!

Source: velosoundstation/Instagram

Strings gave an iconic comeback with ”Pyaar Ka Rog”and reminded all of us why we love these folks

Source: velosoundstation/Instagram

Sajjad Ali’s ”Dhuaan” hit all the right chords 

Source: velosoundstation/Instagram

Umair Jaswal rocked the stage with his dynamic ‘‘Gagar’‘ and honestly, what a power-packed performance!

Source: velosoundstation/Instagram

People are absolutely obsessing over VELO Sound Station – for good reason!

Everyone has their selected favorite song

Can you even pick one?

In case you still haven’t listened to any of VELO Sound Station’s amazing songs, listen to all the songs by clicking right here.

This new musical platform is a fresh breath of air for all music lovers. They have combined all the talent of Pakistan in one platform and we are grateful! The platform has given us so much in terms of music, all during a pandemic. Thank you for blessing our playlist!

So, how did you like the songs? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.



This post has been sponsored by VELO Sound Station


Cover image via Velo Sound Station

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